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Review of Allegiant Pet Policy:


Travelling with your pet in the Allegiant Airlines is not the difficult thing for you because airline welcomes small pets such as domestic dogs and cats in the airline. You must take a look on the brief of Allegiant Pet Policyreview and with this information can understand the rules and terms of the Allegiant Pet Policy Rules and Information.

1). Allegiant Allow Only Domestic Cats and Dogs:

Allegiant Airlinesallow only domestic cats and dogs for the US Domestic Travel. You can’t travel with the big size pet in this airline and that’s why always keep in mind about the Allegiant Pet Policy Terms.

2). Maximum Allowed Dimensions of Allegiant Pet Carrier:

9”H x 16”W x 19”D is the maximum allowed dimensions of pet carrier as per the Allegiant Air Pet Policy. Your pet carrier should not exceed this dimension if you want to travel in the Allegiant Air.

3). Not More Than 2 Pets Allowed in Airline:

Not more than 2 pets allowed in Allegiant Air per passenger.

4). Allegiant Pet Reservations Fee:

Pet reservations fee in the Allegiant Airlines is only $50 and that’s very less in comparison to other airlines in the United States.


Therefore, it’s all about the facts that you must know about the Review of Allegiant Pet Policy. In the end we can say that pet policy of Allegiant Air is flexible and easy for the passengers.