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Does Alaska Airlines Have a Frequent Flyer Program?


Alaska is the major airline of the US but so many flyers are confused about the frequent flyer program of the airline. Does Alaska Airlines have a frequent flyer program? When you are also not sure about this statement then this is the right place for you to know the answer of this question. In the beginning time, Alaska Airlie was not offering any kind of FFP to the flyers but after trends change Alaska also introduce the Frequent Flyer or Miles Program for the flyers that is now associated with the airline.

What is Mileage Plan?

Mileage Plan is the Alaska Airlines Flightsassociated frequent flyer program of the Alaska Airlines. Members can avail or earn the miles while flying with Alaska Airlines and the partner airlines of the Alaska and you can utilize these miles on Co-branded Credit Carts and Booking Vacations and Hotel Packages as well.

When Mileage Plan Introduced?

Mileage Plan was introduced as the Alaska Air Frequent Flyer Program in June 1983. In 1987 airline also buy Jet America Airlines and that airline was offering miles earning program to the flyers. The old name of this program was Gold Coast Travel and in September 1989 the name was replaced with Mileage Plan.