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Does Allegiant Allow Pets?


Travelling with your pet during the journey is also very easy now for the passengers because they can easily travel with their pet. There are so many questions in the mind of flyers about the pet travel because not all airlines allow for the pet travel to passengers. Does Allegiant Allow Pets? Yes, of Couse and Allegiant allow for the pet travel in the cabin as well in the United States for the flyers. Thus, don’t think that Allegiant does not allow pet travel in the cabin.

1). Allegiant Pet Travel Fee is Lowest:

As we know, Allegiant Airlinesis an ultra-low-cost airline and that’s why pet travel fee in this airline is also very lowest. Therefore, you don’t have need to think about the pet travel fee in this airline because the airline is charging only $50 for one way.

2). Follow Documents Required Rules in Allegiant:

You must submit all required or medical document or your pet health to the airline before going to departure for your flight. You can view the documents list through the Allegiant Air Website.

3). Follow Carrier Dimensions Rules in Allegiant:

According to the Allegiant Air Pet Policy passengers also required to follow the dimensions rules for the pet carrier. Pet carrier must not exceed than the given dimensions.