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Overview of Grand Central Terminal in New York:

Glimpse on Grand Central Terminal, New York

New York Travel Goals are always impressive for the passengers. When you are also thinking to travel for New York and looking for the information about the best things to do in this city then you should take a look on the overview of Grand Central Terminal. The place is in New York and located in 89 Easter 42nd Street, Manhattan, New York City. Who own this place in the different span of time? It is also the historical question and you need to know the facts about the historical things about this place.

Grand Central Terminal Ownership (In Different Span of Time):

  • NYC & Hudson River (1913–1914)
  • New York Central (1914–1968)
  • Penn Central (1968–1994)
  • American Premier Underwriters (1994–2006)
  • Midtown Trackage Ventures (2006–2020)
  • Metropolitan Transportation Authority (2020–present)

Grand Central Terminal Operating History (In Different Span of Time)

  • NYC & Hudson River (1913–1914)
  • New York Central (1914–1968)
  • New York, New Haven and Hartford (1913–1968)
  • Penn Central (1968–1976)
  • Amtrak (1971–1991)
  • Conrail (1976–1983)
  • Metro-North (1983–present)

The place is also known as the Grand Central Station and it is a general computer rail terminal. Maybe you are thinking that why you need to visit on this place? Well, the design and architecture of this place is so much amazing and that’s why you can’t miss the visit of this place. You can book Cheap Flights to New York at the fares match.