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Is Allegiant Pet Friendly?


Allegiant is the leading airline of the United States and when you are thinking to fly with this airline then you must know the pet policy rules and terms. Is Allegiant Pet Friendlyairline? Many flyers are thinking that this airline is not pet-friendly. Well, there is no doubt that while flying with Allegiant Air you don’t have need to worried about the care and comfort of your pet because airline staff supports very much to the flyers for your pet travel goals. Allegiant is pet friendly airline and the airline is ensuring the 100% peace and comfort for the pet’s travel goals of the passengers.

Book Your Pet Travel At least 15 days Before Departure:

You must book your pet travel at least 15 days before your departure from the Allegiant Airlineswebsite because it is important for you to understand the complete pet policy reservations hassle-free. Passengers who are looking for the pet travel goals on the last-minute may not get the seat with pet in the airline because pets’ spaces are limited and based on first come and first serve basis.

Final Words:

By exploring the information of Allegiant Air Pet Policy, you can understand how you can travel with this airline along with your pet. However, pet booking fee in Allegiant Air is $50 for US Domestic Travel.