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What are the Things to Know About myAllegiant Rewards?


Thinking to know more about the myAllegiant Rewards means you land on the right place. We are going to talk on the major things to know about my Allegiant Rewards. These things are important for you when you want to use earned rewards and points on the right place then you must know these things as well.

1). What are Blackout Dates and Location to Redeem myAllegiant Points?

Well, you can redeem the points of myAllegiant Program anytime anywhere because the airline doesn’t make the policy of Black-out Dates and Location. Passengers can redeem points on Allegiant Airlines Booking, Hotel, Car Rental, Destination Attractions and many more things.

2). Can I get the Buy One Get One Offer on the Existing Purchase?

On the existing purchase Buy One and Get One Offer is Not Valid.

3). How to Earn myAllegiant Points for a Buy One and Get One Purchase of Allegiant?

You can earn the points by using the buy one get one purchase by using the Allegiant World Mastercard.

4). Is it Possible to Add the Points in My Account from another my Allegiant World Master Card Holder?

No, it is not possible to merge someone myAllegiant Mastercard points to your account. Maybe many airlines are offering this opportunity to the users but you can’t get this with Allegiant.