Air Canada Flights to George Town

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Find Air Canada Flights to George Town

George Town is an architectural haven, which is a place you must explore. This place has many significant building with federalist structures, and great historical prevalence. Many of these historical places have guided tours which you can book to further enhance your travel experience. Air Canada Flights are dedicated towards providing the best possible travels to this destination. Hence booking Air Canada Flights to George Town is most correct choice a traveller can make. A tour plan you can follow when on your visit to this wonderful place goes as follows-

Day 1- On your first day take the most exhilarating train ride, right through the Penang Hills. Experience the utter beauty of nature through this activity.

Day 2- On your second day how about a trip to Wonderfood Museum Penang. In this museum you can explore the various interesting stories related to Malaysian food.

Day 3- On your third day, focus on serenity and visit the Dhammikarama Burmese Temple. Enhance your spiritual self at this spot.

Day 4- Your last day of the trip should be reserved for souvenir shopping and much more. Do this at the Armenian Street of George Town.

Best Time to Visit George Town

The best time to travel to the most beautiful George Town would be between the months of February – April. This time provides you the best temperature to explore the beautiful destination to it’s full glory. The streets are also much emptier during this time around for travel. You can easily book your Cheap Flights to this destination during this times, by availing the discounts on air fares provided by the FaresMatch website.

Places to Visit in George Town

There are several wonders that you can explore in the beautiful George Town. Some of these wonders could go as the follows-

Pinang Peranakan Masion

Explore this glorious mansion by booking a well guided tour when in George Town. This is a must visit place.

Khoo Kongsi

This is a glorious as historically prevalent monument in George Town. This is a rich ornamented clan house, this makes it a must visit place for travellers.

Penang House of Music

Indulge yourself in moving melodies and the magic of sound at this very beautiful specialty museum. This is a must visit place especially for music lovers.


When can you call FaresMatch customer service?

You can call the FaresMatch customer service at any preferred time of yours. Our customer support team is always active 24/7 to be at your earnest help.

Can you book hotels on the FaresMatch website?

Yes, you can book hotels on this travel booking website. You can even avail discount deals on your hotel bookings done through the FaresMatch website.

Does Air Canada offer complimentary food?

Complimentary food is only offered in all direct international flights on this airline. You are advised to pack yourself a small tiffin when traveling otherwise.

Does Air Canada offer complimentary wifi?

On this flight only premium seated members can access complimentary wifi. Economy passengers can purchase their connectivity on air.

Does Air Canada offer complimentary headphones?

Yes this airline does provide complimentary headphones. But if you want to indulge yourself with better sound quality headphones you are advised to carry your personal once.