Booking cheap airline tickets is easy but cancelling flight tickets is a tough job. Different airlines may have different processes to cancel flight tickets. Here, you will come across some basic procedures to cancel your ticket.

  • Through website: One of the most common ways to cancel your flight ticket is to visit the official website of the airline. Some airlines also have EVA options on the website to help you cancel the ticket. You just need to update the EVA that you want to cancel your ticket and the EVA will confirm the same and send you a mail or text for the confirmation.
  • Calling the customer care: If you have saved the customer care’s number of the airline, you may simply call the customer care and inform them about the cancellation.
  • At the airport: Another way to cancel to your plane ticket is to visit the airport and contact the airline’s help desk. The help desk will assist you in cancelling the ticket and will answer all your queries related to the same.
  • Through Kiosk: If you have taken help of a kiosk for flight search and find finding cheap flights, you must contact your kiosk to handle the cancellation procedure on your behalf.

You may also contact Faresmatch to become your flight finder and to look after your cancellation and refund of the flight ticket.

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