Turkish Flights to the USA

Take a trip worldwide with Faresmatch and get the best deals that make your travel economical, convenient and unforgettable. For your next excursion to the United States of America, try flying through Turkish Flights to USA; our recommendation is mainly for travellers looking for cheap tickets, the best in-flight entertainment, comfort, and flexibility. Faresmatch and Turkish Airlines are combinations you wish you had known before!

Cheap Turkish Flights to USA

Faresmatch, together with Turkish Airlines, allows you to travel economically, comfortably and with the best in-flight entertainment. Now you can fly to the United States of America, you can get flights to Boston Massachusetts USA and also San Jose with style. The airlines provide special discounts and benefits for travellers, which are altered to you by a user-friendly interface that scans millions of sites to get you the best potential deals. A smooth and quick solution to meet your requirements when travelling is the free match at the site; with our round-the-clock service, we will ensure you get the best results. Caprice?

Tips for Booking Turkish Flights to USA

Turkish is the major airline for the travel goals and when you are thinking to consider this airline for the USA travel then it is the right choice for you to explore the flight booking deals and the best airfare offers without any doubt. Tip for the booking of Turkish Flights to USA are important for you if you want to avail the best airlines deals on the vacation packages.

When Can We Fly to USA?

It is usually advisable to purchase Airlines Ticket on weekdays, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and on the shoulder peaks of Spring and Fall so that you get to see smaller crowds of people at the airport and smaller queues at famous tourist attractions. Also, book at least three months before your actual trip so you have plenty of time to decide which options fit your needs the most.

Try travelling light and be flexible with respect to your itinerary by a day or two if it helps you score even better deals. Last but not least, complete your web check-in at least 24 hours before your boarding. Now, you are left with a cheap, smooth and hassle-free trip with flights to San Jose, CA USA and other places. Happy journey, people!

Cheapest Time to Book Turkish USA Flights

Cheapest time means the lowest season time and June is the cheapest month to book the Turkish Airlines Flights for the flyers and on this time, you can avail the cheapest flight booking deals for the airline tickets. It is the right approach for the flyers to ensure the air tickets booking for the holiday goals and when you don’t want to fly in the high season time for the Turkish Flights to USA, then you must try to avoid the booking of the tickets in December because it is the high-season time for the travel goals.

Major Airlines for the United States

  1. United Airlines
  2. Spirit Airlines
  3. American Airlines
  4. Delta Airlines
  5. JetBlue Airways
  6. Turkish Airlines

Airports Near San Jose, California, USA

Airports that cater to the travellers to the state and the city –

  1. Sacramento International Airport [SMF] – Nearly 120 miles.
  2. Monterey Regional Airport [MRY] – About 75 miles.
  3. Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport [SJC] – Within San Jose’s limit.
  4. Oakland International Airport [OAK] – Approximately 30 miles.
  5. San Francisco International Airport [SFO] - 35 miles downtown San Jose.


1. How can Faresmatch help me find better deals for my trip to the U.S.A.?

The website compares prices and offers deals not only for flights but also for hotels. It analyses and gathers data from sites with options that suit your needs, so you do not have to compromise on your trip. With their easy-to-navigate interface and a notification bell, there’s hardly a chance you would miss out on good deals, but if you need further assistance, their round-the-clock customer help desk is at your service.

2. What are the baggage regulations set forth by Turkish Airlines when flying to the U.S.A.?

It typically involves two check-in baggage items with one carry-in. However, according to FaresMatch it also depends on the destination you are flying to and the airline. The dimensions and the weight requirements are mentioned on the site.

3. What are the policies on ticket changes and last-minute cancellations?

The policies stated by Turkish Airlines Flights is consistent. However, it also depends on the booking date and the platform through which this procedure was completed. Although the airline may offer some flexibility under exceptional circumstances, consulting with their customer care service is advisable.

4. Are there any loyalty points or frequent flyer schemes for travellers when opting for Turkish Airlines to fly to the U.S.A.?

Turkish Airlines, like other carriers have frequent flyer programs, offer rewards and loyalty points to travellers, and even releases special discount coupons for its members, enhancing the travel experience by allowing you to use these incentives and benefits to make the trip even more economical.

5. Can service animals be allowed onboard when travelling to the U.S.A.?

Indeed, most airlines, including Turkish Airlines, have an established policy allowing passengers to bring their pets for the ride. Typically, travellers must provide the documents needed while booking and pay the associated fees in advance to ensure a hassle-free and smooth journey for them and their furry friends.