JetBlue Flights to California

California is a vast and very important state of the United States of America. It is one of the most highly populated States of the nation and is known for being highly urbanised. Many of the nation's most important cities are located in California such as Los Angeles and Sacramento. In addition to this, it is also one of the richest states of America contributing greatly to the economy.

The state depends greatly on agriculture to sustain itself with dairy, grapes and almonds being the chief among its produce. The multiple ports of California located along the shores of the Pacific Ocean play pivotal roles in national and global trade. The state is also reliant on its tourism industry as an important part of its economy.

An introduction to California will always remain incomplete without a mention of Hollywood. The glamorous film industry of America has developed in the state for many decades. California is particularly well known for being the home to culture and arts. The state has made many contributions to popular culture such as Barbie and blue jeans.

The state has also been a hub for technological developments and innovations for a long time. The internet whose widespread use has shaped the world as we know it today was invented in this state. Education, environmentalism, politics, sports and fashion are among the numerous fields in which the state has made significant contributions. To get cheap flights to California travellers need to get tickets in autumn. The low season of the state which welcomes travellers all year round sees cheap flights and cheap accommodation rates. The weather is also delightful and the ephemeral colours of autumn add to the charm of the city which you now have a chance to enjoy in solitude.

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Most Attractive Places in California

Some of the most popular cities that a traveller to California can visit are San Diego, Los Angeles and Sacramento. The first of the list is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and is an important financial, cultural and commercial centre of the state. Some popular places located here include:

  • San Francisco
    1. Alcatraz Island
    2. Palace of Fine Arts
    3. The Embarcadero
    4. San Francisco City Hall.

    The next location on the list is located at the bottom of the San Gabriel Mountains and is one of the most important and highly populated cities of the state.

  • Los Angeles
    1. Calle Olvera
    2. Echo Park
    3. Venice Beach
    4. Los Angeles City Hall
    5. Griffith Observatory

    The last location listed above is the most important centre of administration in the state by courtesy of being its capital. The city is located at the point where the Sacramento and American Rivers join each other adding to the city’s natural charm.

  • Sacramento
    1. Crocker Art Museum
    2. Tower Bridge
    3. Old Sacramento
    4. California State Capitol

Best Time to Fly to California

The best time to get flight tickets to California is the spring season. The transient seasons of autumn and spring are the most ideal times to experience the state due to the mild yet dry weather which allows travellers to the state to partake in various activities without any fear of the changing weather. The natural beauty of the state is also on full display at these times of the year with clear beautiful skies and the sunny weather devoid of fog.

The summer is also a good time to visit the state as it can be a wonderful way to spend your summer vacation. Other reasons include the beautiful beaches which dot the shores of the state offering a reprieve from summer heat.

Closest Airport to California State

The vast state of California is served by multiple airports which receive multiple flights from varied airlines such as JetBlue Airlines flights. These are included in the list of airports given below:

  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • San Francisco International Airport
  • San Diego International Airport
  • Sacramento International Airport
  • San Jose International Airport
  • Oakland International Airport
  • Ontario International Airport
  • Palm Springs International Airport
  • Fresno Yosemite International Airport
  • John Wayne Airport
  • Hollywood – Burbank Airport
  • Long Beach Airport
  • Santa Barbara Municipal Airport

Flights Without Break to fly to California

Multiple airlines provide non stop flights to the various airports of California. Some of these include non stop Spirit Airlines, United Airlines and JetBlue Airlines flights to California.


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A luxurious and prestigious hotel in San Francisco is Hotel Riu Plaza Fisherman Wharf. Faresmatch helps travellers find the best deals during their stay in any city.

3. What is a good restaurant in Los Angeles?

A good restaurant in Los Angeles is Perch. The restaurant provides various amenities such as a fireplace and a private dining room. It is popular among visitors and very highly rated by them.

4. What is a good shop for souvenirs in San Jose?

A good shop for souvenirs in San Jose is Monterey Gift Shop. It is located on Monterey Road in the city. The shop sells physical reminders of your time spent in San Jose which will comfort you back home.

5. What is a good shop for books in Sacramento?

A good bookshop in Sacramento is Capital Books. The shop is known for its efficient service. The reputed shop offers you a choice among paperback romances and more serious books on science and philosophy in its vast collection.