Find Deals for SAS Flights to Iraq:

So is traveling about to happen and you are secretly wishing to cut down your trip cost? When travelers don't use airfare ideas, finding the best ticket prices is not a simple chore. Visitors from the US like taking vacations in Iraq because they may tour the nation's numerous historical sites. However, they make wrong choices for flying which may cost them additional prices. But now, passengers have an economical choice, i.e SAS Airlines, through which they may handle the flight ticket reservation on a tight budget. One of the best flag carriers for purchasing tickets for cheap flights to Iraq is SAS. And you may find tremendous deals for SAS flights on the FaresMatch platform. Just visit our website or call us and inquire about our latest offerings. This way, you will not just fly on a budget but will also get the proper arrangements for your upcoming trip.

SAS Iraq flights are the lowest during:

Prices drop in August, making it simple for you to get inexpensive tickets. Manage your Swedish airline bookings at this time since it will be easier for you to choose the best offers when it's not peak travel season. On the other hand, if we're talking about the high season, it’s November because of the Iraq travel holiday.

Deals on flights:

1. Festival Flights savings

Some of the most important holidays in the USA include Good Friday, Easter, Christmas, and New Year's. You can save a significant amount of money if your flight is scheduled for one of these dates. However, you must begin making travel arrangements at least 4-6 weeks beforehand. FaresMatch has tremendous deals on such occasions so you may travel affordably.

2. Multi-City Flights Deals

Do you know that one-way journeys or round-trip journeys can be expensive sometimes? To cut down your cost, you may try booking a multi-city flight. These kinds of flights can let you fly to two cities, unlike direct flights. They are less expensive and can save you dollars. For booking multi-city Scandinavian Air Iraq flights, ring our number now.

A Guide to the airports:

Airports name-

1. Baghdad International Airport

2. Erbil International Airport

3. Basra International Airport

Airports code-

1. BGW

2. EBL

3. BSR

Airlines services-

1. SAS Airlines

2. Delta Airlines

3. Egyptair

4. Lufthansa Airlines

5. Austrian Airlines

Most popular routes-

1. Nashville to Iraq Airports

2. Austin to Iraq Airports

3. Boston to Iraq Airports

Other Airlines to consider:

Apart from SAS Air, you could rely on various other airlines to travel to Iraq. This includes Delta Airlines, Egyptair, Lufthansa Airlines, and Austrian Airlines. Besides, you can also obtain updates on pricing trends and other details on the FaresMatch platform.

Other Popular routes to Iraq:

• Chicago to Iraq

• Phoenix to Iraq

• Dallas to Iraq

• Mumbai to Iraq

Deals on Hotels:

1. Titanic Hotel and spa

The Titanic Hotel and Spa in Al Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan, provides luxurious lodging, top-notch dining options with live music at supper, and special events. Modern conveniences including a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, a phone, satellite channels, and a safe box are available in the guest rooms. Yet, for an additional cost, you may also obtain a minibar, an electric kettle, and tea and coffee-making supplies.

2. Khan Saray

In the center of As Sulaymaniyah, Khan Saray provides lodging with free Internet all around the building. Each room has a flat-screen TV whereas some apartments come with a comfortable seating space too. You may have views of the city or a mountain in certain rooms. Each room features a private bathroom with a bathtub or shower.

Things to do in Iraq:

1. Visit the city of Sulaymaniyah

In contrast to many other cities in the nation, Sulaymaniyah, which is situated in northern Iraq atop rough terrain, has a cool temperature. Also, it is well known for its booming arts scene and plenty of delectable restaurants. There you can savor mouthwatering spicy kofta, biryani, and a variety of other delights.

2. The Iraq Museum, Baghdad

The Iraq Museum contains innumerable treasures from many of the locations in Iraq that you will be seeing. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iraq for history buffs.


1. What are the major airports in Iraq?

There are three major airports in Iraq to consider while flying from the USA. They are Baghdad International Airport, Erbil International Airport, and Basra International Airport.

2. What are the major airlines that fly to Iraq other than SAS?

One should always book airline tickets to Iraq with SAS Airlines for all the benefits the airline has. However, you may consider other options too such as Delta Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, or EgyptAir.

3. What is the flight time to Iraq?

A nonstop flight from the United States to Iraq typically lasts 21 hours and 40 minutes and travels 6734 miles. The most common route, with an average flight length of 15 hours and 30 minutes, is Chicago to Erbil.

4. How much is the flight price from the USA to Iraq?

The airfare for a flight to Iraq depends on various factors including the departure city you choose to fly from. For instance, from Nashville, you may expect to pay $819 one-way - $1,085 round-trip. Whereas, from Austin, expect to pay $1,078 one-way - $1,544 round-trip and from Boston $832 one-way - $1,146 round-trip.

5. Does FaresMatch provide tempting deals on Iraq flights?

When considering flying to Iraq, you should think of all the available deals and discounts that FaresMatch provides. You may visit our website or call our executives to get brief information about what we provide. This way, you will save bucks on your next excursion to Iraq.