Find Deals for SAS Flights to Israel:

While searching for airline choices to purchase tickets to Israel, it is impossible to overlook the fact that SAS flights to Israel are a wise decision. While this airline is an option when ordering travel tickets to Israel, there is no need to spend extra for the premium carriers. It is now time to investigate the holiday flight booking packages at the SAS official website. The ratings and services of the airline’s low-cost flights are outstanding. So travelers may think of picking SAS Business Class Flights for their journeys to Israel. This is because it is the most opulent and pleasant cabin class. To book a flight anytime soon, you may visit the FaresMatch website and have affordable options available handy.

SAS Israel Flights are the lowest during:

You must know the ideal times to book Scandinavian Flights to Israel to take advantage of the lowest rates. Once you are aware of these times, you can shop for the most affordable travel options. The best time to travel to Israel's locations is in August when airfare is the least expensive.

Deals on Flights:

1. Pre-booking hot deals

As soon as you start making plans for your trip to Israel, make sure to book your flights right there. Prepaying for SAS tickets enables you to book your trip for less than 20% of the total cost.

2. Thanksgiving Day Deals

Okay, so you have plans for flying on thanksgiving day. Perfect, let’s visit the FaresMatch website to book a flight now for SAS Air. Our platform has the cheapest ticket deals for people who are considering taking a flight for Thanksgiving Day.

A Guide to the airports:

Airports name-

1. Ben Gurion Airport

2. Haifa Airport

Airport codes-

1. TLV

2. HFA

Airlines services-

1. SAS Airlines

2. Delta Airlines

3. American Airlines

4. United Airlines

Most popular routes-

1. New York to Israel

2. San Fransisco to Israel

3. Chicago to Israel

Other Airlines to consider:

Apart from SAS Airlines, you could rely on various other airlines to travel to Israel. This includes Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines. Besides, you can also obtain updates on pricing trends and other details on the FaresMatch platform.

Other Popular routes to Israel:

• Los Angeles to Israel

• New Jersey to Israel

• Spain to Israel

• Mumbai to Israel

Deals on Hotels:

1. Merom Golan Resort

The Merom Golan Resort provides peaceful mountain lodging in northern Golan Heights. The facility contains expansive gardens, an indoor pool that is open seasonally, a farm, sports grounds, and a grocery store. At Merom Golan Resort, your options include rooms, suites, and log cabins. All apartments in this resort have air conditioning and satellite TV. In the Merom Golan, there is also free WiFi in the communal spaces and a lounge area.

2. Oasis Spa Club Hotel

Oasis Spa Club is an adult-only hotel located in a prominent location on the shores of the Dead Sea. The recently refurbished Spa Club is ideal for those looking for a genuine spa experience in a tranquil and soothing setting. No minors can enter this serene haven. The hotel's guest rooms are tastefully decorated in a contemporary style and equipped with stylish but cozy furniture.

Things to do in Israel:

1. Go shopping in a Shuk

In every Middle Eastern community, the shuk plays a crucial role. In essence, it is a marketplace where items like fruits, vegetables, and fish are sold outside. If you're looking for things to do in Israel for a week, this is among the greatest options. Furthermore, you may visit Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda Shuk and savor delectable Middle Eastern street cuisine there.

2. Visit Tel Aviv Beach

One of Israel's most well-liked cities, Tel Aviv is adored by both inhabitants and visitors. Going to the expansive beach with showers and changing rooms is one of the nicest things to do there. You may also hire a beach chair or a sunbed to enjoy the intriguing views of the sunset. By the beach, neighborhood cafés and eateries provide affordable meals and cool beverages.


1. Can Americans travel to Israel without a visa?

Indeed, American citizens do not require a visa to visit Israel. However, while the country's immigration policy is permissive, US permanent residents should verify with their consulate office or online about the same.

2. What is the flying time to Israel?

An average nonstop flight covers the 6573-mile distance between the United States and Israel in 15 hours and 39 minutes. With an average travel length of 10 hours and 20 minutes, New York to Tel Aviv is the most popular route.

3. Where can I buy shekels in Israel?

When you arrive at Tel Aviv Airport, you can visit Bank Hapoalim, which runs a full-service, 24-hour branch at three locations. The first one is close to carousels 6 and 7 in the area for incoming passengers' baggage claim. Whereas, another is in the Eastern Hall of the main building, and a third is close to the check-in counters.

4. What is the lowest-priced flight to Israel?

$37 one-way and $533 round-trip are the lowest fares for the United States to Israel flights. The most often-used route connects New York John F. Kennedy International Airport with Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport. And the lowest round-trip airfare for this route would cost $533.

5. Which airlines provide direct routes to Israel?

To begin, American airlines provide nonstop service from the US to Israel. Furthermore, United Airlines flies directly from Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) to Tel Aviv. Also, El Al, the official airline of Israel, offers nonstop service from San Francisco International Airport to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport.