Allegiant Flights to Bangor

Bangor is an essential and highly populated city in the United States of America. The town is situated on the banks of the Penobscot River and owes much of its development to the timber industry once supported by the river and the neighbouring Maine North Woods. The city is precious to the state of Maine.

The river also provided power to the city’s sawmills, which exported the finished products to locations all over the world. In addition to the lumber and shipbuilding industry, the city was a vital stopover of the Great Circle Air Route, which was also an important contributor to its economy.

Some important tourist spots in Bangor include the beautifully built mansions of Isaac Faraar, Samuel Faraar, Thomas A. Hill, and William Arnold. The last of these is currently owned by author Stephen King, adding to its importance and attraction. The city is also home to one of the oldest cemeteries in the nation, Mount Hope Cemetery.

The city has preserved many aspects of its unique history and culture through undertakings such as the Zillman Art Museum- University of Maine. The Maine Discovery Museum is a favourite among children of all ages and parents seeking to provide them with an educational yet enjoyable experience. To get affordable flight tickets to Bangor, travellers should aim for the winter months of November and December. Not only is this the low season of the city due to frequent changes in the weather, but it is also the festive season, which means many airlines offer special deals during this time of the year.

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When to Book Flights to Bangor?

The best times to get flight tickets to Bangor are June, July, August, and September. The warm summer months see the highest number of visitors to the city. While the weather may be uncomfortably hot and humid at times, it is stable and not subject to the fickleness of winter. The weather is delightful in September, transient and soothing. This season, however, also sees a steep rise in the price of accommodation and transport rates. To escape this ordeal, many travellers opt for the quieter and less crowded months of April, May in spring, and October in autumn.

Nonstop Airlines to Fly to Bangor

Multiple airlines provide nonstop flights to Bangor International Airport throughout the year. The specific airlines available for nonstop flights to Bangor International Airport depend primarily on the stops offered and the location from which the flights will take off. Other factors that influence the choice of airlines include prices offered and personal taste.

Which Airlines Fly to Bangor?

Airlines which provide flights to Bangor include the following:

  • Allegiant Airlines –The Allegiant Airlines booking app Allegiant allows travellers to make reservations on these flights beforehand.
  • Frontier Airlines – The Frontier Airlines app allows travellers to make reservations on Frontier Airlines flights beforehand.
  • Spirit Airlines – The Spirit Airlines app allows travellers to reserve Spirit Airlines flights beforehand.
  • Delta Airlines – The Fly Delta app allows travellers to make reservations on Delta Airlines flights beforehand.

Near the Airport of Bangor

The nearest and most important airport serving Bangor is the Bangor International Airport. The airport receives flights from all over the world to Bangor. It was once an essential part of the Great Circle Route, passing through the American East Coast and Europe as a refuelling station.


1. What is a cheap hotel in Bangor?

A cheap hotel in Bangor is the Queen City Inn. Faresmatch helps travellers find affordable hotels like these that best suit their preferences.

2. What is a good shop for souvenirs in Bangor?

Rebecca’s Gift Shop, located on Maine Street, is a good shop for souvenirs in Bangor.

3. What is a famous festival unique to Bangor?

The Bangor State Fair is a famous local festival. It is one of the oldest continuous fairs in the country and includes a wide variety of entertainment.

4. What is an excellent pet-friendly hotel in Bangor?

Residence Inn Bangor is an excellent pet-friendly hotel in Bangor. Faresmatch helps travellers book rooms and get the cheapest deals at multiple hotels worldwide.

5. What are some airlines that provide cheap flights to Florida?

Multiple airlines offer cheap Florida flights. The most prominent are Spirit, Delta, and JetBlue Airlines.