Find Deals for SAS Flights to Croatia

Passengers always find traveling to Croatia to be an amazing idea. But occasionally they are unsure of the best airline to use when making ticket reservations. Flyers can book airline tickets at the lowest possible price with the help of SAS Flights to Croatia, which is also an economical concept. Thus, don't pass up the chance to look into current travel booking discounts. This is because they will make booking more affordable for you when you use them to organize your Croatia vacation. For Flights to this country, Tuesday is the cheapest day to purchase airline tickets. As a result, you must purchase your tickets on this day since there will likely be lower traffic. It will increase your chances of saving money on your flight tickets to Croatia.

SAS Croatia Flights are the lowest during :

The month of July is when Croatia Vacations' prices are the lowest. As a result, you should also manage your airline reservations for Croatian travel in July. Your chances of saving on airfare increase if you are flexible with your vacation plans. This will allow you to manage flight ticket purchasing at a reasonable price. On the other hand, the peak season for purchasing Croatia tickets is in October but you must avoid it. The official Scandinavian Airlines website is where you can compare prices and discover the best online travel offers.

Deals on flights:

1. Senior Citizen Discounts

Are you a senior citizen who wishes to travel to Croatia by taking a SAS flight? Well, let us tell you that you may get a significant percentage off when you plan to fly with FaresMatch. We provide senior citizen discounts to our elderly passengers who are planning to make immediate flight reservations. Visit our website and book a flight today at a reasonable price. Just make sure you have your valid id card along with you.

2. Festival Discounts

Good Friday, Easter, Christmas, and New Year are some of the biggest festivals in the USA. If you are planning to fly near these dates, you can save a good amount of money. What you'll have to do is start booking your trip at least 4-6 weeks in advance. This way, you may fly reasonably with FaresMatch festival promos.

A Guide to the airports:

Airports name-

1. Zagreb Airport

2. Split Airport

3. Dubrovnik Airport

Airports code-

1. ZAG

2. SPU

3. DBV

Airlines services-

1. SAS Airlines

2. Delta Airlines

3. KLM Airlines

4. Lufthansa Airlines

5. Austrian Airlines

Most popular routes-

1. New York to Croatia Airports

2. Los Angeles to Croatia Airports

3. Chicago to Croatia Airports

Other Airlines to consider:

Apart from SAS Air, you could rely on various other airlines to travel to Croatia. This includes Delta Airlines, KLM Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, and Austrian Airlines. Besides, you can also obtain updates on pricing trends and other details on the FaresMatch platform.

Other Popular routes to Croatia:

• Boston to Croatia

• Washington DC to Croatia

• London to Croatia

• Mumbai to Croatia

Deals on Hotels:

1. Bluesun Hotel Alga

Modernly furnished rooms and an on-site restaurant by the sea are available at the Bluesun Hotel Alga. It is located in Tucepi on a gorgeous pebble beach. There is air conditioning and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels in every room. Free amenities, a hairdryer, and a walk-in shower are present in the private bathrooms.

2. Luxury Apartments Centre of Opatija

The Luxury Apartments Centre of Opatija is a designer apartment housed in a stately structure. It's only 300 meters from Angiolina Park. The interior of these air-conditioned apartments is decorated with modern furniture, hardwood floors, and neutral colors. You'll get all the basic amenities so you can have a good stay there.

Things to do in Croatia:

1. Have a fun time in Medvednica

There are numerous activities and events that one can take part in while visiting Zagreb. This includes book fairs, football festivals, film festivals, and exhibitions by well-known artists. A 30-minute journey from the center will take you to Medvednica. It's a little mountain at the fringe of the town where you can escape Croatia's congested streets and bustle.

2. Do not miss the Frozen Waterfall

The frozen waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes National Park are among the most captivating vistas in the whole nation. One of the most wonderful and cost-free activities in Croatia, this can genuinely serve as the setting for people who want to experience the movie "Frozen." This country has wonderful winters, and traveling there at this time of year will provide you with special sights you won't find anywhere else.


1. Will I require a visa to enter Croatia?

Americans do not need a visa to enter Croatia for up to 90 days, unlike many other European nations. But, unlike most of Europe, Croatia is not a member of the Schengen Area. So your time there won't affect how long you can stay in other Schengen nations during the authorized 180-day period.

2. Which airline flies to Croatia other than SAS?

Swiss Airlines, Delta Airlines, KLM Airlines, and Lufthansa Airlines are the airlines that fly to Croatia other than Swedish Airlines.

3. Are there direct flights to Croatia?

Although there are flights from the US to several towns in Croatia, only nonstop flights between the two nations land in Dubrovnik. You will have at least one layover if you are traveling out of a different city. This is because there are only nonstop flights from the US to Dubrovnik that depart from Philadelphia.

4. What is the flight time to Croatia?

A nonstop flight takes 14 hours and 24 minutes to travel the 5171 miles from the United States to Croatia. With an average flight length of 9 hours and 00 minutes, the most common route is Newark to Dubrovnik.

5. What is the most affordable flight to Croatia?

The least expensive flight from the United States to Croatia could cost you $10 one-way and $483 round-trip. The most well-traveled route is from Newark to Dubrovnik, and the lowest round-trip price could be as low as $744.