Southwest Flights to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the most heavenly places in the world. The Caribbean Island is a dream place for all beach lovers who crave quality time with their loved ones at sea. This island is filled with some of the juiciest coconuts and some hidden lands in the very middle of the country. The territory is filled with landscapes of mountains, waterfalls and tropical rainforests. Cheap flights to Puerto Rico have always been a major attraction for tourists from various parts of the world. Getting your tickets booked from a reliable site such as Faresmatch with world-class discounts can be the best way to start your vacation.

The colorful Spanish colonial buildings attract tourists, especially historians and archeologists, who want to expose all the rich histories and discuss the great monuments. Southwest flights to Puerto Rico are mainly in demand from January to August due to pleasant weather and less sun on the beaches. People love to get tanned and spend quality time on the beach tasting their best street-style sausage. Cheap flights to Puerto Rico are available from anywhere worldwide in specific seasons. But why worry when you can book your tickets from Faresmatch? They offer a seamless experience in booking tickets for any type of flight to Puerto Rico.

When to book flights to Puerto Rico?

The ideal time to book your flights for fantastic deals is in November and December, as the weather is not too pleasant for tourists during this time. Booking cheap flights is much easier now as they are increasingly available. During this time, non-stop flights are also more affordable than usual. Booking from Faresmatch can be a game changer as they preserve the best deals for you in any situation and don't make you compromise at any cost.

Which airlines fly to Puerto Rico?

There are a lot of non-stop flights to Puerto Rico daily from various corners of the world. American flights fly in and out of the country daily compared to other giants in the industry. Some famous names in the business are Frontier, United, Southwest, Sun-Country Airlines, Avelo Airlines, JetBlue and many more. Many connecting flights connect other Caribbean countries with Puerto Rico at much lower rates, flying in and out daily from many American countries.

Nearest airport to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has beautiful airports throughout the country. Some are international, while others are used only for domestic purposes. The nearest airport to Puerto Rico is Ponce Airport (PSE) which is 25.2 km away. Some other nearby airports are Juan Isla Grande (SIG), 48.3 km away; San Juan, 55.3 km away; and Vieques (VQS), 105.9 km away. Only one airport is used for international flights, while some are for cargo purposes throughout the country.

Non-stop airlines flying into Puerto Rico

There are a lot of non-stop airlines flying in and out daily from Puerto Rico. Tourists love to travel on Non-stop flights as they are faster and cheaper. Southwest Airlines flights are the most common in this business. They successfully carry over 10000 passengers daily in and out of Puerto Rico. Some other non-stop flights are Frontier, JetBlue, United, Delta, Sun Country and many more. Cheap tickets to each of the airlines are available for specific periods throughout the year.


1. How can I book my tickets only?

To book your tickets online from Faresmatch, follow the steps:

  • Login to the site
  • Choose your destination and date
  • Choose your flight
  • Apply the coupons and proceed to pay.
2. Can I get last-minute deals in Puerto Rico?

Last-minute deals are usually available at much higher rates than usual. But Faresmatch has it covered for you. They assure you with tickets even at the 11th hour.

3. Can I cancel my flight at the last moment?

Cancellation of your flights at the very last minute is very much allowed on any flight worldwide.

4. Do I get cheaper flight tickets on weekends?

Cheaper flight deals are only available online when booked during the busy weekdays. It is usually an odd time to book vacation tickets; thus, they are more affordable.

5. Is Puerto Rico a cheaper place to travel?

The expense of your trip is entirely yours. You need to plan your trip wisely and solidly before proceeding.