Tips to book Delta Flights to Exuma International Airport

Exuma International Airport which is is a public airport situated on the island of Great Exuma, Bahamas. The flights operated from the airport are usually small aircraft and regional jets from the Bahamas and the United States. Exuma consists of over 360 islands, also known as cays and is a district of the Bahamas. The largest and most populous town in Exuma is George town. This place is a tourist hub which is why lots of resorts and spas are present here.

Delta Airlines is one of the major airlines which provide service to the Exuma International Airport. Delta flights are operated on a daily basis to the airport from all around the world. Delta cheap flights are always available for passengers.

Airlines flying to Exuma International Airport

Air Canada
Delta Airlines
Bahamas Air
Sky Bahamas
WestJet Airlines
Endeavor Air
American Eagle
Silver Airways
Air Charter Bahamas
Envoy Air

Things to do in Exuma International Airport

Staniel Cay Exumas

This is one of the famous Exuma islands and top attractions. You can visit here as the population on this island is significantly less and consists of only one resort.

Thunderball Grotto

This place is famous for its cameo in one of the James bond movies, 'Thunderball'. This place has low tide, and you can swim through the caves. The rocks and corals are very beautifully placed inside the caves.

Swimming with Sharks

You can swim with sharks and pet them, which is a beautiful experience.

Best Hotels in Exuma

Hideaways Exuma

This hotel is located in Palm bay. The sea-facing and hillside resort has all the amenities, like rooms ranging from two bedrooms to a studio room, or you can also book a villa. Privacy is maintained properly.

Room 4U

This place is in George town. The nearby landmarks would be Nrotham beach and Penang square. The hotel offers a free internet connection, private parking and a garden.

Peace and Plenty Resort

This resort has cottages which offer an incredible experience surrounded by tropical plants and salty ocean waves sound. This place is accessible only by boat, and the cottages are made just like tiny homes with bathrooms and kitchens.

You have all the information about the Exuma International Airport, now hurry and pack your things to visit the Exymas islands. And remember Delta Airlines to book a flight with their website or make a delta reservations through their app.


What are a few travel tips before visiting Exuma?

Exuma is very much known for its white sand beaches and clear blue oceans, which match the colour of the sky. But there is some point to remember before visiting there. Even though it is an excellent place residing just a bit far from the coast of Miami, it is not that much of a place to visit quickly due to the fewer flights flying to the islands, which is why it is advisable to take a connecting flight from Miami.

Another thing is that you will need a passport even though Exuma is close to the US, you will need a passport to enter the Bahamas. Groceries are very expensive there because they all are exported by ship. The island people are punctual with their time, so consider arriving on time for any occasion.

What services are provided at Exuma International Airport?

Exuma International Airport is the main entrance through which people can come to Exuma. The tourism of this place has grown rapidly through the years, which is why the airport is also developing itself so that it can provide the necessary need of tourists or other passengers.

The services provided in the airports are accessible wheelchairs for disabled people, a 24/7 help centre to enquire about your queries, elevator and escalators, rental cars and taxi services, hotel booking services and many more.

What are the main tourist attractions in Exuma?

Exuma has lots to offer as one of the top tourist destinations. There are various tourist attractions which people can experience. You can go for the pig beach excursion, where you will be able to swim with the famous swimming pigs of Exuma, here you will also be able to feed baby sharks and iguanas.

You can also visit Coco plum beach, where you will experience crystal clear water, which can change colour with the reflection of the light. Also, check out the Sandpiper Arts and crafts, where you can buy cosy t-shirts, cups, and plates.

What is Delta one?

Delta Airlines is a very prestigious airline known for its excellent services. They have a lot to offer. They have various classes and services. Delta One is the premium class Delta Airlines. There is a first-class, but it is only used for short-haul or connecting flights. Delta One is for long-distance flights so that you can travel with ease. You get a lie-flat seat to rest your body while travelling and on-demand movies on your seatback screens.

You get complimentary drinks and world-class cuisine as well. The other services provided by Delta Airlines flights are Delta Vacation packages and Delta SkyMiles these are the points you collect from flying with the Airlines and Fly Delta app, which is the official of Delta Airlines.

What is the process for Delta Airlines Booking?

Delta booking is a straightforward process, which Delta Airlines promised. Delta Airlines reservations can be made through their official website, where you will first have to search the route and then put all the details asked, put the number of people travelling along with their details and search. The result will come in a few seconds, and from there, you will be able to choose the less expensive tickets.

You can also Delta Airlines booking a flight through their official app Fly Delta, which is more accessible. To make Delta reservations from the app, you will need to repeat the same steps as the website, but the difference is that you will get your boarding pass and flight status right at the moment.

How to find deals on Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines tickets are always cheap, but some more discounts can be pleasurable. To find deals on Delta flights, you can follow their social media pages to stay updated about the discounts or register on their website to get notified about the sales and offer they release.