Singapore Airlines Flights to Manila

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Find Singapore Airlines Flights to Manila

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is known to be the most beautiful and affordable travel destination once can visit. It's vast and expansive Spanish architecture spanning throughout, in remembrance of the old colonial times is truly a aesthetic one has to experience. The tropical weather that is present through out the year at this destination makes the place even more worthy. If you are a beach love the wonderful view of pacific ocean you can get here is sure to lure you into Manila. Singapore Airlines Flights offer the most comfortable flight journey you can have while travelling to Manila and back, not to mention it’s affordability. Book your Singapore Airlines Flights To Manila today!!! A tour plan you can follow on your visit there would be as follows-

  • Day 1- On your first day here, make yourself acquainted with the beautiful marine life of Manila at the Manila Ocean Park. Visit this spot to have the most beautiful and grounding experience of your life.
  • Day 2- On your second day visit Museo San Agustin to take a peak at the deep Spanish culture and architecture that Manila has upheld and displayed for it’s tourists. There is something new to explore at all corners of this spot.
  • Day 3- On your third day view the most stunning sunset at the Manila Bay. The pacific ocean glows under the golden sunset at this spot.
  • Day 4- On your last day, shop some souvenirs for your loved once from the Robinsons Place Mall. Take a piece of Manila back with you from this spot.

Best time to visit Manila

The best time and the peak season to travel to Manila would be during the months of December, January and February. If you want to avoid the expansive crowd, however, you are advised to visit during March, April, and May. These times also experience moderate weather. Explore Low Fare Calendars on the faresmatch to if you want to Book Cheap Flights to Manila.

Special Places to visit in Manila

Manila is known for it’s various architectural and cultural wonders. It is, however not possible to mention all of them, but some note worthy highlights could go as follows-


This spot is also known as ‘The Walled City’, it is the oldest district in Manila. You can tour this place as it holds great historical prevalence, being the center of power during the Spanish Colonial Times.

San Agustin Church Immaculate Conception Parish

This church is probably the most wonderous of all the churches in Manila as it has survived a total of seven earthquakes and even two fires. This place also upholds the great Spanish architecture for the tourists to view.

Museum Of Filipino People

Manila is, after all, the capital of the Philippines; a visit there without actually exploring the Filipino culture would be useless. Thus visit this spot to widely explore the Filipino culture.


When can you call faresmatch customer support?

You can call the faresmatch customer support at any time you want. We are active 24/7 to be at your service.

Can you book hotel reservations on the fraesmatch website?

Yes, you can book hotels on this website. Even get great discounts on your bookings of hotels using faresmatch.

Does Singapore Airlines give free entertainment?

Yes, you can access free in flight entertainment on this airline. You even get a personal telephone in every seat.

Does Singapore Airlines give free carry on?

Yes this airline does give this feature to it’s passengers. You can carry two free carry on bags in flight.

Does Singapore Airlines give online check in?

Yes, Singapore Airlines does provide online check in service. The passenger must be checked it 24hours prior to departure time.