Avianca Flights to Medellin

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Find Avianca Flights to Medellin

Avianca Flights to Medellin is both a good flight choice and vacation spot choice to make the most out of your vacations. Medellin also famously known as the ‘City Of Eternal Spring’ is sure to overwhelm you with it’s extreme beauty. You can crack attractive Flight Deals while booking your flight to Medellin on the faresmatch website. A tour plan you can follow while  on your visit there goes as follows-

Day 1

On your first day there visit Laguna De Guatape to be blown away by it’s naturistic presence. This place is the most romantic as well, and a well known spot for weddings.

Day 2

On your second day visit the most intriguing Museum Pablo Escobar. If you are crime documentary enthusiast this is your place to explore all the way more. 

Day 3

Parque Lleras is your spot if you are a night life person. It is the most safe place to have a drink and some fun.

Day 4

On your last day, shop your heart out at Pueblito Paisa. There are many street vendors and authentic eateries which you can explore.

Best Time to Visit Medellin

The best time to travel to Medellin when on a budget would be between the months of April to November. This time experiences fewer visitors therefore there is a significant price drop. Last Minute Flights are most available during this time due to the number of visitors being less. Book Cheap Flights to Medellin during this time using the Faresmatch website.

Wonders to Visit in Medellin

There are a number of wonders which you can explore when in Medellin, some of them goes as follows -

Medellin Metrocable

If you are an adventure enthusiast this cable car experience is a must. View Medellin beauty from up in the sky at this spot.

El Castillo Museo Y Jardines

This place has the most beautiful castle and garden a person can view. If you are a history enthusiast, this is just your spot. However if you are a non Spanish speaker you are advised to lean about the historical significance of the property before touring it, as English tour guides are not available.

Museum Antioquia

If you are an art and history enthusiast this is just your spot to visit. Satiate you historic and artistic hunger as you explore this museum.

Parque Norte

This is an amusment park present in Medellin. What is better than letting your inner child have fun, as you ride the most fun rides at this park.


Does Avianca Airline provide free food?

Avianca Flights have their meal prices covered in their fare ticket pricing. You do not have to pay extra for food in flight.

Does Avianca Airline provide free wifi?

No, Avianca Airlines do not provide such features. You can however purchase your internet connectivity in flight if you wish to do so.

Does Avianca Airline provide free headphone?

People seated at premium seats are offered complimentary headphones. However if you are an economy passenger you are free to carry your own personal headphones and use them in flight.

Does Avianca Airline provide free carry on baggage option?

This airline allows  you to carry one free personal item. However it your personal item exceeds the  weight limit stated your carry on will be chargeable.

Where can you book Avianca Flights?

You can book Avianca Flights on the faresmatch website. Your booking can be processed either online or offline, according to your preference.