Allegiant Flights to Dayton

A city full of life, Dayton is the perfect place for you to have an affordable yet thrilling vacation. Soaring to the top of the list of attractions, this small city in Ohio hosts the Wright Brothers’ original bicycle shop in the Wright Brothers Aviation Center. Being the birthplace and main residence of the inventors of the airplane, Dayton boasts the oldest Military Aviation Museum of the world, the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Besides this, those interested in the arts will find a trip with Allegiant Flights to Dayton, very amazing because of the Art Institute, one of the top Art Institutes in the United States for children.

For a fun afternoon, stroll down to Day Air Ballpark to watch the esteemed minor league baseball team, the Dayton Dragons. The host of many Broadway shows, the Schuster Center in Dayton has made quite a name for itself. Enjoy a magnificent view of overhead water works in Riverscape Metroparks to relax and unwind. To be able to visit the famed “Birthplace of Aviation”, use trusted airlines like Allegiant Air Flights.

How to Find Cheap Flights Fares for Dayton Travel?

Kindly use the promo codes and discount coupons to manage the travel tickets booking because with this you can find the worthy idea to save more for the reservations. Your travel tickets booking will be cheaper for you when you fix the issue of airfare with some Cheap Flights Fares coupons and promo codes.

Book Online Allegiant Flights to Dayton

Dayton is a famous place for the travel goals and when you are thinking to explore this destination for the flying goals, then you must know about the fact that Allegiant Air is a major and affordable choice for you to manage the booking. There is no need to think about the travel possibilities when you consider this airline because it is a cheapest airline for the flyers that they can choose to fly in the US.

Where Do I Get Cheap Flights to Dayton?

Being a spontaneous yet budget-savvy traveller is difficult in this economy. To combat that issue, the online platform Faresmatch looks through all available options for flights to Dayton Ohio and presents you the hottest once in a lifetime deals perfect for a trip that is at once cheap and thrilling.

All you need to do is enter your destination and your current location and a great vacation is just a click away. Book the best airlines ticket for flights to Dayton beach today.

Book tickets in advance to save more on reservations

You can also choose the pre-booking idea to save more for the reservations of Allegiant Air Flights to Dayton because with the help of pre-booking idea you can ensure the travel tickets booking in a minimum airfare costing. You can also browse at the deals of the allegiant air official site to make sure the booking in a minimum costing.

When can I travel to Dayton?

It is helpful to know that one must always start planning for travel ahead of time to get their hands on the best inexpensive Airlines Ticket. So, it is recommended to start booking tickets at least 9-10 weeks beforehand. You should remember that it is best to visit Dayton is during the onset of winter, from October-November, the chill, pleasant weather makes for a perfectly cozy trip. April is another time to travel here, the prices are lower and the weather is ideal for travel.

Which Airlines Fly to Dayton?

Here is a thorough list of the best available flights to Dayton

  1. United Airlines: Providing amazing leg room, this flight is sure to keep your comfort first.
  2. Allegiant Air : With its award-winning customer service, Allegiant Air knows its customers best.
  3. Delta Airlines: Offering low fares, Delta has risen to be one of the best airlines out there.
  4. JetBlue Airlines: Another inexpensive airline, it offers flexible modes of payment.

Airports Near Dayton

A cheat code to get cheaper tickets is to expand the airports of choice. More options let you be more flexible with the pricing. While, Dayton International Airport(DAY) seems like an obvious choice, here are a few more airports close to Dayton:

  1. Covington Airport(CVG): A 2 hour taxi ride to Dayton, CVG is the next best option.
  2. Indianapolis International Airport(IND): With cheap parking options, IND is a little further from Dayton than CVG but gets the job done.

How to Fly Directly to Dayton, Ohio?

Direct flights enter Dayton International Airport from Tampa(PIE), Philadelphia(PHL), Dallas-Fort Worth(DFW) and more. You will find that non-stop or direct flights to Dayton are offered by United Airlines.

Direct flights are instrumental in managing the safety of your baggage and reducing the inconvenience of layover delay.


1. How can I find cheap hotel packages in Dayton?

The online platform Faresmatch lets you browse through cheap hotel packages and more. So, it is recommended to use such sites which are plenty available.

2. Is Dayton a good place to live in?

While housing rates have been steadily going up, Dayton is relatively safe and the suburbs are a particularly nice place to live in. To know about flight tickets to Dayton, visit the FaresMatch website.

3. Is Dayton a safe area for kids?

Canterville and Xenia are two places in Dayton which are among the safest areas to live in.

4. Where do I get the best food in Dayton?

The 3rd st of Dayton hosts Taqueria Mixetaca, tourist favorite for Mexican food. For a good drink, drive to downtown Dayton and visit Century Bar.

5. What is so special about the United States Air Force Museum ?

The United States Airforce Museum was built on the ground of the original tests run by the Wright Brothers, the inventors of the airplane.