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Denver Airport (DEN)

Denver international airport is among the most crucial airport in America. It is among the busiest airports, which has more than 200000 passengers flying in and out of the country daily. The airport is locally known as the DIA and primarily serves the metropolitan area of Denver, Colorado. It also connects the greater region of the front-range urban corridor. It is the largest airport in the western hemisphere and the second largest on Earth. Open for flying from the late 19th era, it has served monumental purposes for the country besides caring for passengers in their daily routine. It is owned and operated by the authority of the City and country of Denver. This government area covers 19 miles and connects more than 200 destinations worldwide. The airport has the front face of the Rocky Mountains and a hint of western edge and the Great Plains along the distance covered.

Unknown facts about the airport

There are some hidden facts about DIA that people barely know. These things make it one of the best and an exciting tourist attraction. The locals have a broad knowledge of them, despite their history here. Apart from the airport's cost, design, and future planning, there are some interesting facts that many people are unaware of. Here are some of them: The airport has a gargoyle statue at the Jeppesen terminal's international rooftop. It is symbolic of the snowcapped mountains and the early history of the City of Colorado, and the native's struggle to survive. The airport has a Pedestrian Bridge at its southern end connecting terminal A, which allows passengers to watch the flights fly in and out from a distance in a much more aesthetic way. The DIA covers around 53 square miles of distance, which is bigger and more significant than those of Manhattan, San Francisco, Boston, and Miami. These four busy airports can easily blend into DIA without any trouble. DIA has a pretty attractive operation going on lately, which includes a wildlife management program. It helps them keep the ground safe for all their flight's landing and take-off. They also help small animals and mammals get a harmless habitat around the airport. As the airport faces the snowcapped mountain, they have their rooftop built with white tents of fiberglass, which are pretty solid and hard to crack. They also have protective measures for falls, which can even quickly provide shelter for around 500000 people.

Official Phone Number to Denver International Airport- 720-730-4359

Lost and Found- (303) 342-4062