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Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport, located in the eastern part of the country, is the fourth-largest airport in Europe and the largest in Germany. It is also abbreviated as FRA, which gets a strong hold over the 15th spot in the largest airport in the entire world. It serves as the house of Lufthansa, including Lufthansa cargo and city line along with Condor and Aerologic.

Occupying an area of around 2300 hectares of land, it features some of the extraordinary services and facilities which other major airports fail to deliver. They carry around 65 million passengers annually, with an average of more than 15000 international flights and around 31000 domestic flights per month. Established in 1936, this airport helps generate huge revenue for the country.

Unknown facts about the airport

People need to be made aware of some interesting facts and information about the airport. These facts are the ones which attract a lot of people to this place and also make it an interesting place to visit. Here is a glimpse of such interesting facts about FRA: It is also known as the unchallenged airport of Germany- FRA is also known as the unchallenged airport of the nation as it doesn't cross its way with any other airport in Germany. It has its way, and the track of its flyway is completely different from any other flyway in the country. It doesn't cross any other way. As a result, it is alone in its way, and this is the name given. Superfast passengers’ carrier- FRA has a special facility of superfast transportation for their passengers. They have gliding cars and transport buses up to the terminals for the convenience of their passengers. They have around 200 kilometers of automatic terminals and a highly developed transport network for all baggage and other belongings of their passengers. Europe's largest transport airport- Frankfurt is a busy city with a huge number of networks throughout the world. It is regarded as Europe's largest transport and goods carrier airport. It carries around 15000 people daily for various reasons, which count to a huge number of revenues. The biggest multimedia airport in the nation- The airport is especially operated by some AI bots powered by modern science and technology. Self-operated bots render some specific services to their passengers and are automated. It encourages the world to go automatic and function sidewise, keeping pace with the advancement of technology. Underground solar panel hubs- Frankfurt is the only airport in Germany with an underground solar panel house that helps them generate electricity in times of crisis and emergencies. This method that the local airport technicians discovered in the early 1900 are still facilitating mankind for a better future. These solar panels also help them in their secret take off and landings of various secret operations undertaken by the government.

Official Phone Number to Frankfurt Airport for General Enquiries- +49 69 69032600
For Lost & Found- +49 69 69032600