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JFK Airport

John F. Kennedy International Airport is the national airport of New York City. It is one of the main airports in America and is also among the busiest international airport in the entire chain of airports in the USA. It connects over 150 destinations worldwide with nonstop airline service from around 90 airlines. Located in the Jamaican territory, this 16 miles airport is not quite big enough to reach the list of other large airports.

Established in the year 1947, the New York internally airport went on to be framed as the Idlewild Airport. In 1963, after the grand assassination of John F. Kennedy, the government passed on a bill to name it after him. It is the central hub of operation of Delta and American Airlines. It also served as the former hub of National Airways, Northeast, Pan Am, Tower Air, and TWA.

Unknown facts about the airport

The airport has a brief history like nothing else and thus needs world recognition. People worldwide see it as one of the most decorated airports but are unaware of some facts about it. Here are some of the exciting facts to state: The airport’s ground is used by NASA and the Army- The airport has two parts, one reserved only by the army and a restricted area for all bear citizens. They have a special run-way for all the military aircraft for air force one. They also have special agreements with NASA for launching or landing any emergency space shuttles. The JFK ground is also the backup landing spot for NASA. The biggest heist in the country happened at JFK airport- In the 1970s, the airport was string held by the famous mafia gang of New York named the Lucchese family. In the year 1976 the country's biggest cash robbery took place, and he flew away from the country with the help of this airport. Abandoned hotel at the JFK territory- Many scrapyards around the territory are old, and locals regard them as historic. The main reason is that the first airport engineers resided in those hotels, and they are now very tourist spots for those only who care. Only slanted run-away airport in the world- It is the only airport in the world whose run-away is tilted. There are no possible reasons or theories behind it. But many state it as a crafting mistake that was never corrected. Thus it has a slightly curved run-away which makes the flights plan their run a bit early along with the landing.

John F. Kennedy International Airport, Phone Number- 718-244-4444