What are Allegiant Pet Carrier Dimensions?

Allegiant is the major airline for the travel goals and if you are thinking to consider this airline for the travel purpose with your pet then you must know about the Allegiant Pet Carrier Dimensions. Pet carrier dimensions are the most important aspect for the flyers because if they not follow the pet carrier dimensions then they need to pay higher cost to travel with pet or pet carrier may also rejected by the airline. Pet carrier dimensions as per the pet policy of the airline must not exceed than 9”H x 16”W x 19”D.

Pet Reservations Fee is Non-Refundable:

You can’t cancel the ticket of your pet in Allegiant Flights because the ticket is non-refundable and if you cancel the reservations then you will not eligible to entitle the costing and credit too. Pet reservations fee in the Allegiant Flight is $50 pet per pet and not more than 2 pet carriers allowed in the Allegiant Air.

Final Words to Know:

Age of the pet is also the point of concern to fly in Allegiant Airlines Flights. Your pet must be 8 weeks old to travel in the airline. Do you want to book cheap tickets of Allegiant Air? You can complete the task of Fare Compare. You can find the best deals and offers for the reservations at the Allegiant Airlines Official Site too.