5 Things to Know About Aeromexico Airlines

5 Things to Know About Aeromexico Airlines

Flying with Aeromexico means you have lots of travel opportunities because this is the largest flag carrier of Mexico. Thus, if you are thinking to make sure the travel goal with this airline then you must read this blog because in this blog, we are going to tell the 5 things to know about Aeromexico Airlines.

1). Largest Flat Carrier After Volaris Airlines:

Do you want to know the rank of Aeromexico Airlines? Well, in Mexico the airline holds the second position after Volaris Airlines in the current market. Fleet Size of the airline is 60 and destination count of the airline is 80.

2). One of Four Founding Members of SkyTeam Airline Alliance:

One of the most important things about Aeromexico that you can’t miss is one of the four founding members of the SkyTeam Airline Alliance, along with Air France, Korean Air and Delta Airlines. SkyTeam is one of the leading airline alliances of the world.

3). Subsidiaries of Aeromexico Airlines:

Aeromexico Connect and Aeromexico Contigo are the two main Subsidiaries of the Aeromexico Airlines right now.

4). Frequent Flyer Program of Aeromexico Airline:

The next thing that you must know about the Aeromexico is Frequent Flyer Program is Club Premier. When you are thinking to earn the points, rewards and miles on the booking on Aeromexico Airiness Reservations then you can join this program that is known as the Club Premier.

5). Main Hub of Aeromexico Airline:

Mexico City is the main or primary hub of the Aeromexico Airline that you must know.