Contactless technology is a trend. Is your favorite airline on the same board?


Even if the experience is significantly different from Covid-19 times, it's amazing to realize how unexpectedly congested airports are becoming again. Face masks and long lineups are present, but there are also scanners, applications, and seamless integration to be found. Before the outbreak, one of the goals of low-touch, contactless travel was to make passengers' journeys more enjoyable and hassle-free. The pandemic is supposed to have sparked years of the invention in just a few months. Even though if Covid-19 restrictions get over, contactless services are preferable due to the hygiene and safety that it guarantees. Many airlines and airport operators are now examining how to turn the make it work into a more effective and thoughtful approach to a smooth, digitally-powered trip as they begin their steady climb back to recovery. However, has your favorite airline adapted the same technology? Let's check it out below:

Delta Airlines

Delta is the top airline that's trying its best to make your overall journey contactless. When you purchase delta airlines flight tickets, you can pay with the various contactless payment methods so that there's no need to exchange currency. Additionally, on international flights, the airline has experimented with digital seatback menus. Customers can enjoy touchless check-in options. Touchless features are also being developed to assist passengers’ transit through the airport more quickly and easily. The facial recognition options for boarding passes at the airport are also available at many airports.

Spirit Airlines

When it comes to safety, it doesn't matter if you are choosing a luxury airline or a low-budget carrier. So, you should not hesitate when making a Spirit Airlines Flight booking. All the major protocols were followed by this airline during the Pandemic times. You can check-in from your mobile phone online and can pay with different contactless payment modes be it on the ground or the plane. In addition, Spirit has begun using biometric check-in at ticket lobbies for check-in operations, reducing face-to-face contact between passengers and employees. Here, passengers can tag their checked bags and drop them off with the help of an automated self-bag drop unit.

Allegiant Airlines

When it comes to Allegiant Airlines, keep in mind that as part of their safety procedures, they give all customers complimentary single-use face masks. All the flights of this airline are nonstop which means you don't have to spend time in airports and you are most likely to avoid crowded hubs. You will be traveling on a single aircraft which means less contact with the world. Their low-touch service approach limits unnecessary contact with shared items. All the In-flight items are pre-packed and factory-sealed. The menu card is available on the mobile app so you don't have to touch the physical copy.

Alaska Airlines

Just like any other airline, Alaska offers various touchless features. In San Jose, this airline is testing a self-bag drop system and check-in that will streamline the overall check-in process. Due to this feature, there's less confusion and a decrease in the time that's needed to drop off your bags. If you want to look for the quickest way to get from the lobby to the gate, opt for mobile or online check-in options. With the rise of contactless technology, Alaska is reaching heights. Many customers are choosing this airline for its facial recognition system that allows you to board a flight by simply scanning your face.

United Airlines

United, one of the most popular airlines is also following the same protocols to reduce touch points while flying. It was the first airline to introduce "The first touchless check-in experience." Passengers can check in online and then scan their boarding cards from their mobile device or a printed copy at airport kiosks, which will print any luggage tags related to the reservation automatically. You can pay via any of the contactless payment methods be it in the air or on the grounds. As a result of all of this, the airline promotes a touchless travel system.

What is the future of Contactless technology after Covid-19?

In short, if we define it, then this technology is going to continue to stay forever. Some airlines have updated their inflight entertainment (IFE) to give a contactless experience and encourage a BYOD (bring your device) model in times when customers have become leerier of touching surfaces. Southwest Airlines, for example, improved their inflight entertainment portal last year, allowing passengers to view inflight material without needing to download an app before boarding. The notion of a frictionless experience has also influenced how consumers purchase at airport terminals. Hudson, a travel retail startup, just opened its first Hudson Nonstop store at Dallas Love Field Airport, which uses Amazon's Just Walk Out technology (DAL). Airports are also working with terminal restaurants to make it easier for passengers to order food for pick-up or delivery using their mobile devices.

Customers can now scan a QR code from a physical banner or media screen at the airport security checkpoint and afterward. They will be able to use the QR code to place their order, pay online, and select a pick-up time after going through security. You're surely aware that contactless payment was already prevalent to all of us for quite a long time. As a result, it is not new, and people are already accustomed to it. People who are already utilizing it would never want to go back to the old way of paying. For modern tourists, this strategy has improved their whole travel experience.

Bottom Line:

The trend is indeed a better solution for reducing the risk not only for the passengers but for staff members. Almost every airline is providing and coming up with new technologies including the touchless one. In today's time, hygiene and safety should be your top choice. When booking a ticket, please check and read the policies of touchless features that your favorite airline provides and then reserve your seat so that you don't have to compromise at any given point.