Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy

Excursion with Alaska air means you need to check the baggage policy first. Every airline has a set of rules in terms of baggage. Checked bags or carry-on items are the most critical concern for the flyers before flying with the airline. We divide Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy into two parts. You can explore the various points about the baggage rules of the airlines on one page. The two major parts of the Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy are carry-on baggage and checked baggage.

Significant Parts of Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy:

Carry-on Luggage

Checked Baggage

Baggage Issues

Special Baggage

Prohibited Items

Baggage Fees

1. Alaska Airlines Carry-On Luggage Requirements

Travelling for the United States in Alaska Airlines Flights but don't know about the carry-on luggage requirements means you miss big stuff about the baggage policy. Passengers can carry one personal item (such as a purse, laptop bag, and briefcase) and one carry-on bag. At least one thing from these two items should fit under the seat in front of you or the overhead bin space.

A. Carry-On Bag Size Limit:

Passengers must follow the carry-on bag size limit or dimensions limit and travel in Alaska Airlines. The size limit for the bag is 22" x 14" x 9" (wheels and handles included in the dimensions). Before fly, you must be attentive to the dimensions limits of the carry-on baggage. To avoid the last-minute hassles in the luggage, you must make sure about your baggage dimensions and weight. If the item does not fit properly in the overhead bin space, it may proceed as the checked baggage.

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B. Points to Be Noted:

Carry-on luggage will not be accepted on flights departing Cold Bay (CDB) Airport due to the limitations of TSA Screening. However, one small personal item is allowed on board for passengers. One free carry-on luggage is also allowed with the maximum dimensions of 22 X14 X9 Inches (wheels and handles included).

C. How to measure your carry-on bag for zero hassles?

This is one of the enormous contradictions in passengers' minds because they don't know how to measure carry-on bag for zero hassles. You can make sure the size of the carry-on bag on the bag sizers at the airport locations. You can find them through the Airport Information. On the other hand, you can also check the size of the bag at home before you leave at the airport. Length, width and height should not exceed 45 inches. Passengers who have an expandable suitcase of the soft-sided bag should retake a look at the measure once the bag pack to make sure the bag will be fit in the overhead bin space.

D. Why Alaska Updated Policy about the Carry-On Bag Size?

Many passengers are curious to know why the airline updated the policy about the carry-on bag size. Airlines notice the guests' problems that travel with large carry-on bags and face limited overhead bin space. In June 202, the airline updated the carry-on baggage size policy to maximize the overhead bin space for the flexibility of the flyers.

E. Don't Forget to Place Identification Tag inside Your bag:

Passenger's carry-on bag often misplaces because they do not place the identification tag inside the bag. Therefore, you can download the carry-on bag take for identification, making the return process easier and faster for you. You need to fill the form about identification and place the tag inside your bag.

2. Alaska Airlines Checked Baggage Requirements:

Carry-on bags are accessible in Alaska Airlines, but when we talk about the checked bags, we can say that the checked bag comes with the bag chargers. Passengers can pay for the checked baggage fee during the online check-in, airport ticket counters or check-in KIOSK. The standard bag fee (maximum allowed dimensions 62 Inches and maximum allowed weight 50 lbs) of Alaska checked baggage for first, second and third or additional bags is $30, $40, $100. However, in peak travel time, the airline may limit the number of bags that are checked per passenger. Items that are exempt from baggage charges are stroller, car seats and mobility aids.

A. Who Can Use Baggage Fee Waivers?

Only Alaska airlines credit card holders, elite level Mileage Plan Members and the US Military Personnel can apply for the Alaska Airlines baggage fee waiver.

B. Alaska Airlines Checked Bags Overweight and Oversize Fee:

If your item exceeds the weight and size limit, it will come under the overweight and oversize checked bags. Bags with linear dimensions of 64 to 115 inches cost $100, and bags between 51 to 100 lbs costs $100 checked bag fee.

3. What Time Alaska Airlines Accept Checked Bags?

The airline accepts the passengers' checked bags from 4 hours before your flight time until 1 hour before the flight. However, the baggage acceptance hours may vary, and you need to check the ticket counter hours. The Vancouver passenger can check bags only three hours before departure.

4. Travel with Multiple Flights:

When the trip of passengers includes multiple flights, then you must know the baggage rules. If passengers' journey includes more than one flight on Alaska Airlines Reservations or Alaska Airlines partner airlines then, the airline will check your bags to the final destinations on your flight ticket.