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Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

Pet travel booking in Alaska Airlines means you must have information about Alaska Airlines Pet Policy. Space for pet travel is available in both the cabin and cargo compartment of Alaska Airlines, but it is also the subject of availability. You can also contact the Alaska Airlines Customer Services Representative for the pet travel requirements and booking of pet travel to determine rules and fees. Small pets can travel in this airline, such as dogs, cats, household birds, and rabbits.

Things to Know About Alaska Pet Travel Requirements:

1). You can't transfer pets in the baggage compartment to other carriers in Alaska airlines. Pets in this airline always are claimed and rechecked to the connecting airline.

2). The Pet travel fee in the Alaska Airlines Reservations for the passengers is $100 for One Way travel.

3). For the travel of Hawaii, only cats and dogs are accepted according to the Alaska Airlines Pet Policy. Hawaii has a unique identity, and it is a rabies-free state.

4). A passenger who wants to travel in Alaska with a pet must be 18 years old with a pet in the cabin. If you are going with your pet in Alaska's cabin, you will also not get a seat behind the emergency exit row seat, bulkhead, or any seat with an airbag safety belt.

5). In the First Class Cabin of Alaska Airlines Flights, only one pet carrier is allowed per flight.

6), In the main cabin of Alaska Airlines, only five pet carriers per flight are allowed.