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How to Add TSA Precheck to Delta After Booking?


Travelling in the delta but don’t know how to add TSA precheck to delta after booking? Don’t worry about this question now because we are going to talk on how you can add TSA Precheck to delta after booking. Here is the step by step guide for you to complete this task.

1). Visit on Delta Airlines Official Site:

First thing that you need to know is visit on the delta airlines official site. Login at the delta air portal or the delta app. Both are the right place to add TSA Precheck to delta after booking.

2). Add Personal Details:

At next add the personal details once you login to your profile of Delta Airlines. Fill the details accurately and cross check the details two times.

3). Update or Add Your Secure Flight Passenger Data:

If required add the or updated the secure flight passenger data or customs and border protection or TSA Assigned ID.

4). Speak to Delta Live Person:

In case, if you are facing any issue then you can also get in touch with the Delta Airlines Customer Service and with this service you can ensure the delta flight booking. This helpline can help you to add TSA Precheck to delta after booking.