How to Check Airline Flight Status?


As a flyer, when you think to prepare for a journey with all mandatory aspects then you should also not forget to Check Airline Flight Status before arrival. 70% of flyers in the United States are smart and they checked the status before leaving for the airport because they understand the value of time. Most of the airlines are on time but many times, delays and cancellations due to weather conditions or other circumstances faced by the flyers. Therefore, it is better for you to check airline flight status at home. 30% flyers are those who are the beginner of traveling or not-friendly with the new technology advantages in travel services. These flyers don’t know about the standard approaches to Check Flight Status. Thus, for all those beginners, we are going to represent a full-fledged guide to understand 5 standard approaches to check airlines' status.

What is the Flight Status?

Flight Status is the information about your travel booking in which you check the data about flight stats regarding the travel timings and date. When you check flight status for your flight then you are fetching the complete information about your travel possibilities. By Checking Flight Status you can solve the concerns like:

1). Flight is On-Time or Not

2). Flight is Delay

3). How Much Time-Flight is Delay?

4). Any Changes in Travel

5). Arrival and Departure Timing

What is the Status of My Flight?

To view the status of your airline, you must follow some easy and standard approaches. We also mention some of the amazing and basic ways through which you can check the flight status. Take a look at these and choose the right one as per your travel requirements:

#1. Visit on Your Booking Airline Official Site:

The first approach that is easy and flexible for the flyers is visiting the airline's official site. You can found the name of your airline on your printed tickets and open the official site of the flag carrier. It is the first standard approach through which passengers can view the live flight status of the airline. Once you visit the main portal and then find the tab of “Flight Status” on the home page.

Once you will land on the flight status page, and then enter the flight booking information such as ticket number or flight number or arrival and departure airport code with the combination of travel date. Once you add all the data then click on “Search” to view the flight status. The live flight status will show on your screen hassle-free.

For example, if you had book the tickets of Delta, and now you are looking for the right place to check Delta Flight Status then you can visit delta Airlines to check the flight status. On the delta airlines' home page, there is a particular section of “Flight Status” where flyers can view the live flight status. All airlines give the section of “flight status” on the main page for the easiness of the flyers and the same process is also applicable in other airlines' flight status tracking such as American Airlines Flight Status and United Airlines Flight Status.

#2. Download Your Airline Application on Smartphone:

One more hassle-free Flight Status Tracker standard approach is checking the status in the mobile application of the airline. Nowadays, almost all airlines launched mobile applications for travel services and on these mobile apps, passengers can view the live airline's flight status online. For example, if you want to check Southwest Flight Status for your upcoming trip then download the mobile application on your Smartphone and check the status such as you checked in the website of the airline.

#3. Call on Airport Desk Services of Airlines Number:

Flight Status Phone Number services are also available for the passengers and it is the 3rd standard approach for the flyers that they can call on the airport desk number (arrival airport) to know about the information of flight delay or cancel. On the other hand, you can also get in touch with the airline's customer services to track flight information online. If your next trip is with JetBlue and you want to know about the JetBlue Flight Status, then get in touch with the JetBlue Airlines Live Person to talk about the flight status information.

#4. Travel Agency Portals:

When you booked the tickets from the travel agency or Flight Booking Site, then you can also view the status from these portals about your upcoming trip. Nowadays, many Travel Search Engines are working for the flight booking services such as Expedia, Priceline, and Sky Scanner, Kayak, and Fares Match but these agencies' portals are not only good for the tickets reservations but also appropriate to view flight tracking online.

#5. Check Your Email to Get Update Regarding Flight Status:

What is My Flight Status or How to Check Flight Status? These are the major questions of the flyers and that’s why they land on this blog page. Without visiting any other site or downloading the application a passenger can directly check flight status by checking email. If the flight cancels, delays, or is on time then you will receive an email before your departure.

#6. Flight Monitors at the Airport:

Last but not the least, standard approach to check flight status for the passengers is using the Flight Monitors at the airports. If you reach the airport and you had not checked the flight status online at home, then use the flight monitors at the airport to check online flight status. Flight Monitors show all updates regarding the canceled flights, delay flights, and on-time flights.


1). How to Check Flight Status?

Flyers can check flight status at airlines' official sites, mobile applications, airport monitors, or by calling on the airport phone number.

2). What is the Flight Status?

Flight Status is the basic information about flight arrival and departure timing.

3). How to Check My Flight Status?

You can check your flight status at your airline official site

4). How to Track Flight Status?

Flight Status can track through online methods and airport monitors.