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How to Pre Order Meal in SAS Airlines?


Thinking to travel with SAS Airlines and want to make sure your pre-order of food as soon as possible means you should take a look at the information about “how to pre-order meal in SAS Airlines”. This blog is focusing on this topic and with this topic, you can ensure the pre-booking of the meal before boarding. Eating and drinking favorite food and drinks is the primary desire of flyers when they choose any premium airlines for vacation time. SAS airline also offers the facility to pre-order food on all flights of the airline.

Enjoy Amazing Snacks, Food and Beverages Onboard:

SAS Airlines Flights offers all travelers an amazing range of snacks, food, and beverages onboard. You can explore the comprehensive range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages onboard. If you are not in a condition to eat a heavy meal then you can also choose light meals such as sandwiches and pizza.

How to Find Food Menu in SAS Airlines?

You can also find the menu in the seat pocket onboard. Many times, flyers don’t know about the food menu while flying with the SAS Flights. There is no doubt that meals and snacks are complimentary for the flyers in the SAS Plus and SAS Business Class. On the other hand, for the long-haul routes flights to/from Asia and the USA meals are complimentary for all travel classes.

Should You Pay for Coffee and Tea in SAS Airlines?

If you don’t know about the charges of coffee and team at the time of onboard then we must tell you one thing that tea and coffee both are free onboard for all travel classes of the SAS Airlines.

Kids Meals Information in SAS Flights:

Passengers who are travelling with the kids (2 to 11 Years) can also avail the benefit of Kids Meals in the SAS airlines. This kind of facility is only available on flights departing at 09.30. The time limit is not applicable on the flights to/from the US and Asia. What are the cabin classes, where you can order kids' meals? SAS Business, Go and flights to /from the US and Asia are eligible to order kids' meals. When you do not want to face any difficulty in flight for food with your child then you must pre-order food for your kids. However, this facility is only available on flights longer than 80 minutes within Europe in all travel classes to other destinations of the world.

Timing to Order Meal for Your Kids:

You must be order food for your kid at least 24 hours before your flight departure. How to order food? You can order food by getting in touch with the SAS Airlines Customer Service.

Nut Policy and Food Allergy:

Many food items are not served in the SAS airlines such as peanuts, products containing peanuts, and snacks as well that have the ingredient in meals. We recommend you not to carry peanuts or this kind of food.

Pre-Order Food in SAS Flights (Keep These Facts in Your Mind):

Many passengers are thinking that they can’t order food on the SAS Go flights but that’s not true and if they are travelling in the European Flights longer than 80 minutes then they can also pre-order food.

When you are travelling between Scandinavia and the US and Asia then you can also choose the three-course premium set menu in the dining.

Steps to Pre-Order Food in SAS Flights:

1). Visit the SAS Airlines Official Site or open the SAS Airlines Mobile Application.

2). Go to the tab of “MANAGEMYBOOKING”.

3). Once you reach this page then enter the booking details for login

4). After login, select the tab of pre-order food and select the items from the menu that you want to eat in SAS Flights.

5). Confirm and Pay for the Extra Meal Selection that is not free on your flight.

6). You can also pre-order food via the SAS Airlines Customer Service.

The Bottom Line:

Passengers can also bring their food onboard in the SAS Airlines Flights but they should also follow the safety regulations related to the carry-on baggage. Also, we want to tell you one thing that pleases not to carry peanuts onboard. You can get the possibilities of Cheap Flights Fares for the booking of SAS Flights when you compare the fare for the travel booking at the Fares Match. It is the most affordable and premium airline for the travel of Europe, Asia, and the United States.