Is air travel safe now?

Is air travel safe now?

The travelling season is now at its peak, and travellers might be in doubt about whether it is safe to travel by airways. The covid-19 is stable now, and the Airlines have returned to their normal schedules.

Many travellers are looking forward to their vacation. You can always try to speak to travel consultants if you are unsure and trying to get help to book your tickets.

Is Covid-19 still a problem?

Many Airlines have lifted their requirements for masks. The summer travel season is now at its peak. As a result, the Department of Transportation might loosen its rule further. But the highly contagious omicron variant is now spreading worldwide, and people are more worried about their health.

The risk of covid to air travellers is inconclusive. There is still a risk, and passengers are worried about the latest variant of Covid. Covid is still a problem for air travellers, even if the pandemic has ended.

Therefore travelling after covid doesn't necessarily mean that covid-19 is no more a factor. Travellers must still wear masks. If a passenger travels domestically, they do not need a covid vaccine to fly. In the case of international flights, many destinations allow passengers to enter without testing if they are vaccinated.

According to the new rules, there are four separate passenger categories. They are vaccinated, unvaccinated, under 12, and transportation workers. Each has its own vaccination rules while flying.

Post-pandemic air travel is inconvenient

After covid-19, the way the Airlines operated changed a lot. Most Airlines have cut flights, amenities, and services. Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines have merged in a $6.6 billion deal. It would create a more competitive ultra-low fare carrier and offer better fares and services. After covid, there has been a reduced schedule, and staffing challenges are common.

Today, the industry standards are higher fares, crowds, and reduced service. The attitude of the flight crews is generating the most outrage. A review of in-flight over the last few months suggested that some crew members provoked the confrontations. This means that you might not be flying the friendly airline the next time you board a flight, even if you avoid a fight with the flight crew. Therefore, more people are choosing other means of transport rather than air travel.

Should you avoid air travel this summer?

According to a survey, it is predicted that 73% of Americans will fly in June, and nearly 60% will drive. Is it safe to have summer travel depends on the following-

  • Your health is an important factor when it comes to air travel. A bigger worry is getting infected on the ground rather than getting sick on the plane. The flight might not kill you, but you can become very sick after landing. If you are not vaccinated, it is better not to travel this summer.
  • The way you plan to fly also depends. If you can follow social distancing and precautions by wearing masks, you will be fine. But if you are flying in steerage class with other unmasked passengers, your risk increases.

Good news if you have planned your travel soon

According to flight finder apps like Hopper and Skyscanner, the US domestic airfare is providing cheap flights as compared with the same time in past years. The US airfare is averaging $239/round-trip in 2022, which is 17% down from 2019 and 12% from 2020. The Omicron variant is expected to dampen travel demands and cheap flights on domestic trips for the first two months of 2022.

There is good news on airfares for international travellers as well. International airfare right now is comparatively cheap as compared to the past years. The airfare is $659/round-trip and is down by 12% from 2019 and 8% from 2020. Prices may rise, but the cases will fall and make air travel safer and smoother in 2022.

Is travel going to return to normal and preparations for air travel in 2022?

Though there are few cases of Omicron variant, the condition is improving greatly, and we can expect travel to return to normal as the year progresses. We should not expect testing and vaccine passports to continue longer. New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the US positive about reciprocal travel is, making customers excited for both summer and winter travel.

However, you must follow precautions to stay safe. You must know all the rules before your air travel. Get yourself vaccinated before flying, and carry masks and sanitisers. Keep your mask on your face throughout your journey and ensure that you have all the relevant documents and proof of vaccinations.

More and more destinations are reopening their borders, and requirements around testing are being removed entirely. Testing, vaccination passports, and other quarantine requirements might play a role in your air travel in 2022.

You can book your air tickets from various flight finders, which list cheap plane tickets. After your planned trip, try to book your tickets in advance to get cheap tickets.