Is Airline Travel Safe For Pets - Pet Carrier Kennel Test and Flight Travel Checklist Offered


Pet travel is the most important thing for those flyers who never travel with pet in the airline. Is Airline Travel Safe for Pets? When you are also looking for more information about the pet travel? if yes then it is the right place for you and we are talking about the airline pet travel safe or not for your pet. You need to carry the pet carrier kennel as well and also do the test of this kennel. What kind of test required? The pet carrier kennel may soft-sided or hard-sided. Kennel have hole or space for air passing through which animal can breathe easily in the pet kennel as well.

Checklist to Know For Airline Pet Travel:

1). Check the information about the Airline Pet Policy first at the official site of the airline through which you are going to fly with your pet. Delta, Alaska and United are the major airlines for the pet travel goals in the cabin as well.

2). Your pet carrier must followed the airline given dimensions for the pet carrier.

3). You must carry all health documents of your pet

4). Your pet must be 16 weeks old and big bets or large pets are not allowed in the airline

5). Also check the pet travel fee of the airline and book tickets of pet around 15 days before departure.