Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy Facts to Know:

Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy | Turkish Flights

Baggage facts about the Turkish Air is important for all those flyers who want to fly with this airline and want to manage their trip with this airline. Turkish Airlines Baggagefacts are important for you to explore the baggage policy of the airline. First of all, the airline baggage policy is listed at the Turkish Airlines Official Site and from the official site you can read the terms and rules of the Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy.

One Personal Item and One Carry-On Item:

One personal item and one carry-on item is free of cost in the baggage policy of the Turkish Airlines Flights. Maybe you are thinking that you need to pay the baggage fee for these two items but that’s not true and you don’t have need to pay for one personal item and one carry-on item for travel.

Overweight and Oversize Items Required Baggage Fee:

If your personal item or carry-on item is above dimensions or weight and overweight or oversize then these items required baggage fee. That means you need to check the baggage dimensions and weight restriction for the Turkish Airlines Flights.

Business Class Passengers Gets Free Two Checked Bags:

Business Class Passengers get two free checked bags in the airline baggage policy. However, economy class passengers not get this kind of free checked bags. Business Class flyers also get the priority boarding and check-in facility.

Final Words:

You can buy bags in Turkish, while booking tickets online, at the airport or at the gate. These are the three major places to buy the baggage policy of Turkish Airlines.