United Airlines Baggage Policy Full-Fledged Review:


Attention all new and old flyers of the United Airlines because here we are going to disclose a full-fledged review of United Airlines Baggage Policy that you can’t miss as a traveler. Every different fare class comes with different rules and terms of the baggage policy. These terms are important to know for you because with the help of these terms you can decide the fare class through which you want to fly in this airline.

Try to Avoid Lithium Batteries Installed Bags:

United Airlines is not expecting bags in which passengers installed any kind of lithium batteries in both carry-on and checked bags. You must remove lithium batteries from your bags if you want to board for the flight. Smart bags are also the big hurdle for the flyers to travel in United Air because smart bags in which the battery is not removable are not allowed in United and United Express Flights.

Many different questions came into the mind of flyers because they are still confused about the carry-on baggage policy of the airline. Here are few common questions in the mind of flyers about the United Baggage policy

1). What is the exact size or dimensions allowed in a united carry-on?

2). is a golf umbrella counted as a carry-on item during onboard?

3). Will my laptop is counted as a personal item in United Baggage Policy?

We are come here to give answers to all major questions about United Carry-On Baggage Policy and the United Airlines Checked Baggage Policy. In most of the fare classes of United Air, passengers are allowed to carry one personal item and one full-size carry-on bag onboard. Sometimes, basic economy tickets rules are different from the first class and business class. If you do not want to face baggage-related problems on board then make sure the dimensions and weight of your baggage are according to the airline baggage policy. Passenger carry-on luggage must fit in the overhead bin space in the United Airlines (otherwise, it will count as the checked bag).

What You Can Bring On Board in United Airlines Flights?

1). One carry-on bag and one personal item is allowed on board in almost all fare classes of United Airlines(however you should also read exception too before flying).

2). No doubt, the carry-on bag must fit in the overhead bin space and the maximum allowed dimensions of a carry-on bag in the United Air are 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 centimeters x 35 centimeters x 56 centimeters). These dimensions also include the wheels and handles of your bag.

3). Personal items should fit underneath the seat in front of passengers and passengers should also follow the dimensions rules for the personal item too and that is 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches (22 centimeters x 25 centimeters x 43 centimeters).

4). If you are not carrying both personal items and carry-on items then you can also bring some special items without any baggage fee and these items are:

A jacket An umbrella Reading material Food or merchandise that you buy in the airport Assistive devices (such as a collapsible wheelchair, cane, crutches, medical device for prescription medications, or portable oxygen concentrator) FAA-approved child restraint system or safety seat A diaper bag A breast pump A camera A pet carrier (service charges apply for in-cabin pets)

Note: If the carry-on baggage size is larger than the given dimensions then passengers required to pay additional charges on the final destination.

United Airlines Carry-On Baggage Exception Policy:

1). As we already told most of the passengers can carry one personal item and one carry-on item on board in the united flights but still there are some exception as per the baggage policy that you must know.

2). Basic economy tickets come with only one personal item on board as per the United Baggage Policy.

3). In-case if any passenger bring a full-size carry-on baggage to the gate then, basic economy ticket holder should required to check the bag and the baggage fee at the gate is $25. A passenger can pay the United Checked Baggage Fee by the credit card.

4). Flyers can also follow the rules of Normal Carry-On Baggage Policy with the basic economy tickets with some exceptions such as flyers who are travelling on the Trans-Atlantic Flights to or from the US, Mexico and Central America and from El Salvador, Panama and South America

5). Normal Carry-On Baggage Policy also applicable for the customers travelling on Trans-Pacific Flights to or from the United and Members of Mileage Plus Plan too.

United Express flights:

United Express is the regional partner airlines of the United Airlines and the aircrafts are smaller than the normal United Airlines. That means the room and overhead bin spaces are less for the carry-on bags in the United Express Flights. Sometimes the roller bags and larger carry-on bags also not fit in the overhead bin space of United Express Flights. Here we are also going to describe the policies of baggage for the United Express Flights.

Carrier Carry-on bag policy Overview
Air Wisconsin CommutAir No carry-on carrier Passengers are allowed to bring only (1) one personal item into the cabin. Any carry-on bag in addition to the (1) one personal item will be collected by the gate ramp agent planeside, green-tagged and placed in the cargo compartment.
GoJet Airlines Mesa Airlines Republic Airways SkyWest 1:1 carrier Passengers are allowed one (1) carry-on bag plus one (1) personal item in the aircraft cabin.

Get Green Tag from Agent to Gate Check Your Bag:

On the other hand, if you want to gate-check your baggage then you will also get the green tag at the airport from the agent. Once you will get the green tag then the United Baggage Handles also collect the bags at the end of the Jet Bridge during the boarding time. Once you reach on your destination you can pick your bag during and start the process of baggage claim.

When you are travelling in the United Express Flights, and you have any kind of medications stuff then you must board these items as the personal item or carry=on item. Passengers can also pack the personal vaporizers and e-cigarettes in smaller carry-on bag or personal item.

Fragile items:

On the other hand, if you are travelling with any kind of fragile or bulky item that is too bulky for travel as the checked bag then you need to buy particular ticket for the team.

Things to Keep in Mind about Carry-On Baggage United Airlines for Smoother Experience:

Facing any kind of difficulty at the security gate is the worst situation for the flyers and that’s why keeping some facts about the United Airlines Baggage Policy is the nice idea to avoid any hassles and making your travelling experience smoother. Some baggage items required special attention of the flyers because if they don’t know about the policies for these items then they may need to pay higher amount of money for the baggage of these items.

Gels, Liquids and Aerosols:

There are some rules and restrictions of Transportation Security Administration for the packing gels, aerosols and liquids in the carry-on baggage of the United Airlines. A traveler must use containers to carry these items with the measure of 3.4 ounces or less. These items must be inside a single quart-size or liter-size clear, sealable bag. This rule is not applicable for liquids such as baby formula and medicine and duty-free liquids in the carry-on bags.

Powder Based Substances:

If you are travelling with any item that is in the form of powder then keep the item in your checked bag not in the carry-on bag for the smooth on-boarding. As per the rules of TSA, customers who are travelling to or within the United States not allowed to pack powder based stuff greater than 12 fluid ounces in the carry-on bags and that’s why it must pack in the checked bag. This rule is not applicable for the medically prescribed powders, medicines, baby formula and duty free powders. Passengers can also visit at the portal of DHS to know more about the rules.

Musical instruments As Carry-On Bags:

A passenger can easily carry the musical instruments as the carry-on bag such as violin, guitar or other small stuff in the hard case. These items will be counted as the carry-on bag and must fit in the overhead bin space of the United Airlines.

Nursing Mothers:

United airlines baggage policies are not strict for the nursing mothers and passengers can bring a breast pump as one of the special items. However, for more information, passengers can also visit at the “Travelling with Children” page of the United Airlines.

United Airlines Checked Baggage Rules & Terms to Know:

Checked baggage policy of United Airlines Booking is also depending on the destination and fare class of the passenger. Sometimes you may need to pay for the checked bags but sometimes you may also save your money on the checked bag. Passengers can also use the United Airlines Baggage Calculator before planning for the trip.

What is the Costing of Checked Bag in United Air?

It depends on your fare type and your destination and for this you need to sign in to your Mileage Plus Account to explore the upcoming trip information and the baggage details too.

Weight and Size Limit for United Airlines Checked Baggage:

Most of the standard checked baggage measurement in the United Airlines must not crossed 62 inches dimensions. Weight of the checked bag depends on the cabin and premier status at the time of check-in. You can carry maximum size checked bag and maximum weight checked bags in your cabin as per the Mileage plus Status. Airline also applies the larger limits in many cases.

Weight Limit of United Checked Bags:

1). If you are travelling with the United Economy Tickets then the weight limit of one checked bag is 50 Pounds

2). On the other hand, if you are travelling in the United First, Business and Polaris Business Class then the weight limit of United Checked bag is 70 Pounds.

3). Weight limit for the united checked baggage status can also increase as per the MileagePlus Plan Status.

4). If you have any of these status in the MileagePlus Plan of United Air; Premier Silver, Premier Gold, Premier Platinum, Premier 1K® and Star Alliance™ Gold and you are travelling in the United Economy then you can increase the weight limited of checked baggage up to 70 pounds.

Check Your Bag on Time:

You must know about the latest time for the checked bag at the departure airport. If you cross the deadline of checked baggage timing then the airline not precede your bags in the checking process. A passenger also received the claim check for each checked bag and you must keep the receipts until you collect your all bags at the final destination. United Airlines check bags between the origin and the final destinations listed on the tickets.

Exception of Checked Bag Charges to Know:

1). some customers don’t have need to pay any kind of service charges on the check bags. This rule is only applicable for the United and United Express Operated Flights when you checked the bags. A passenger can check the eligibility at the United Airlines Official Site for the different types of exemptions.

2). Active US Military Personnel and their dependents also get so many exceptions in the baggage policy for the checked bags services charges.

3). For personal travel in all class of services they can carry 3 checked bags with maximum 62 inches dimensions and 70 lbs weight.

4). For Military Dependent with travel orders in all class of services 2 checked bags allowed with maximum 62 inches dimensions and 70 lbs weight.

5). For official business, in all class of services 5 checked bags allowed with maximum 115 inches dimensions and 100 lbs weight.

Prepay For United Airlines Checked Bags:

For the convenience of the passengers united airlines also offer the feature of prepaying for the checked bags in the United Airlines and United Express Flights. You need to select destination and pay the checked baggage fee on prepay mode to save more. Prepay checked bag is the right opportunity for the flyers because with this they can complete the check-in process fast. They don’t have need to rush at the airport for the checked baggage fee if they already pay it. However, this option is not accessible for the oversized and overweight bags in the United Airlines.

How to Prepay for the Checked Bags in United Airlines :

1). Visit on the United Airlines Reservations Official Site

2). Enter the Reservations Number or Confirmation Number

3). Choose “Prepay Bag” Tab

4). Add the Information related to baggage and ticket

5). Select ‘Continue to Payment”

Pack Less and Save More in United Airlines Baggage:

1). When you are a flyer who is always thinking to save money for the travel goals then you should pack less to save more for the baggage.,

2). Extra baggage only create a big burden of more money on the travelers and that’s why they must choose the baggage that is necessary only for them.

3). Always double check the baggage policy of the airline to avoid any kind of hassles because these things only create the possibilities of higher amount of baggage at the time of security check at the ate.

4). United Airlines Basic Economy Tickets are ideal for those flyers who only want to fly with the one personal item. When you are not travelling with more baggage or checked bags then you can buy the tickets of basic economy to save more.

5). United Airlines Polaris Business Class comes with extra-ordinary baggage advantages for the flyers and with these advantages they can explore more baggage and travel opportunities. You will also get the priority during the security check and check-in.

Final Words to Know:

That’s done! These are the major points that passengers must know about the United Airlines Flights Baggage Policy before travel. If you are not following the baggage rules and terms then you may supposed to pay extra baggage costing on the United Airlines Flights Tickets and that’s not good for your budget. Thus, plan the travel with United Air by following the rules and terms of the United Airlines.