United Airline Flight Status

You can quickly check your United flight status by visiting the United Airlines website. Here, you will come across all real-time information regarding the Status of your United flights. You will get to know everything from your departure to arrival times. To get recent updates on your scheduled flight Status, you only need to enter your flight number or route details. A unique feature United Airlines offers is its United Airlines flight status notification services. This is to inform you of any changes to your flight itinerary. Also, the airline allows passengers to sign up to receive email or mobile notifications in case of delays, cancellations, or gate changes. Passengers can now plan their journey more effectively. The best part is United Airlines' user-friendly mobile app. Here, you will come across various features and flight status updates.

You can now download the app to your smartphone and access real-time flight information, United Airlines flight status - today, check-in for flights. Also, you can check the progress of your flight on a map. The app is a valuable tool connecting you with your travel plans on your trip. With FaresMatch, you can now lessen the stress related to your airport arrival by tracking United Airlines flight status. FaresMatch allows you to check the Status of your United Airlines flights to avoid any hassle when there are flight delays. Besides offering cheap tickets, the site also acts as a flight tracker, collecting all United Airlines' flight status information. You will also learn the exact flight timings, live flight status, and airport delays information. FaresMatch now makes the arrival and departure of the United Airlines Flights trackable. Get ready to quickly check United Airlines' live status and flight times.

How to Check United Airlines Flight Status?

Hurry for your forthcoming journey with United Airlines, but don't you know about the live status of your flight? Many passengers are looking for a reliable place to check United Airlines Flight Status. This is not the so-called complicated thing for the passengers. They can browse on the United Airlines Official Site and complete the process to check the flight status. Nowadays, flight status checking services are also available through united airlines, customer services and travel agencies. Still, one of the suitable approaches to check the flight status of the passengers is the United Airlines Website.

Steps to Check United Flight Status Online

  • First, you need to visit the United Airlines Official Site (united.com). Many passengers are also confused about United Airlines' right website, but only united.com is the airline's official website.
  • Once you land on the main website, you can see the booking form (here, you get 4 options). From these 4 options in the form menu, you must click on "Flight Status".
  • Enter "From" and "To" City name with the date selection and flight number as well.
  • Click on the "Search" Tab
  • Track the Live Status of your United Airlines Booking

Call on United Airlines Phone Number to Check Live Status

If you are not interested to check flight status through the official site then you can also connect United Airlines Live Person for this purpose. Once you connect with the live person then ask for the flight status inquiry from the customer services of the airline.

Track Your United Flight in Real Time

United Airlines does everything practical to always provide you with the most accurate flight status information. To check out flight status, follow the steps.

  • Head to the Check Flight Status option.
  • Try to search either by route or flight number.
  • Enter your date of departure.
  • Enter the airline name.
  • Enter your current destination and your final destination.
  • Click on check status.
  • MileagePlus members have the perk of subscribing to notifications to get flight status, check-in availability, and more.

Get UP to Date Departures and Arrivals for United Airlines

You can track your United Airlines flight using a flight tracker like FaresMatch online. Go visit FaresMatch and get to know the real-time Status of your flight. Using FaresMatch for your flight status is free and easy to use. So Hurry up and visit the site soon.

Check Flight Status, Delays, and Cancellation for United Airlines

In case of your United flight delays and cancellations, United Airlines tries to book you the next available flight. Suppose your flight has been canceled or delayed so much that you have no other option but to spend the night, and the situation is under the control of United Airlines; the airline takes responsibility and offers you accommodations and transportation to the hotel. If you choose not to fly, you will be provided with a refund for your ticket if the delay exceeds two hours.


1. How do you check your United Airlines status?

Passengers can now check the Status of their United Airlines flight by visiting United.com. They can also contact the United Airlines Reservations team. One can also check their flight status in the Fly United mobile app.

2. Are United Airlines flights on time?

United Airlines has provided passengers with an estimated departure and arrival time based on their flight status information. Also, you can go through the latest information online or in the Fly United mobile app.

3. Does United Airlines provide notification?

United Airlines allows passengers to sign up for flight status notifications. All you need to do is log in to your account on United.com and select 'My Trips.' This way, you will be provided with current and future trips. Also, you can like the 'Notifications' link and switch notifications for your upcoming flights.

4. Does United Airlines offer a refund?

To request a refund from United Airlines, travelers must visit the airline's website, customer service hotline, or the airport ticket counter.

5. What is United Airlines' cancellation policy?

United Airlines' 24-hour cancellation policy is flexible. This Policy states that passengers can cancel their reservations within 24 hours of booking, and they do not need to pay any cancellation fees. They must make a booking at least seven days before the scheduled departure.