United Airlines Pet Policy In-Cabin:


United airline allows for the pet travel in cabin as well. However, only domestic cats and dogs allowed as the in-cabin pets in the United Air. We are come here with the review of United Airlines Pet Policy In-Cabinthrough which you can understand the rules and terms of the airline before travel. First of all, your pet (cat or dog) must be fit in a travel carrier underneath the seat in front of you. For Hawaii State in the United States pet travel is not allowed in the United Airlines. On the other hand, big pets such as Pit Bull types dogs are not allowed in cabin.

1). Carry Your Pet Carrier or Carry-On Bag:

According to the United Airlines Baggage Policy, one carry-on item is allowed free of cost in the United Airlines but here you need to understand one more term for this rule and that is if you travel with your pet then you are not allowed to carry the one free carry-on item in the baggage. Means flyer can bring only a pet carrier or carry-on bag.

2). Pet Travel Fee in United Airlines:

One more thing that you need to know here is pet travel fee in the United Airlines is $125 for each way.

3). Your Pet Must Be 16 Weeks Old:

Airline not allowed minor pets or pets less than 16 weeks old for the travel in the airline.