Updated information about Avelo Airlines Cancellation policy

Updated information about Avelo Airlines Cancellation policy

Avelo is a customer-oriented airline based in the United States that operates on a regular schedule. Although the airline's headquarters are in Houston, the Hollywood Burbank Airport serves as its hub. The airline mostly serves the United States' West Coast and East Coast. Andrew Levy, a former executive at both Allegiant Travel and United Airlines, founded the airline in 2021. It is a low-cost airline that flies throughout the United States regularly. The airline caters to domestic and international visitors in the United States by providing the most competitive prices and the best level of reliability. They focus on domestic routes that aren't served by many — if any — other airlines. Avelo offers point-to-point flights to cities in the United States that are currently underserved. The airline uses Boeing 737-800 aircraft with a seating capacity of 189 passengers in a single cabin configuration. Their booking process is simple and so is canceling a flight. Let's check out a complete guide on their Cancellation and refund policy.

An overview of the Cancellation Policy

Every time you book a flight, it's not necessary that you will be flying with them. There may be an emergency, or you may be planning to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances or complications on the day of the flight. According to Avelo Airlines' cancellation policy, passengers can cancel their tickets for free within 24 hours after purchasing them. However, at least one week before the departure date, reservations must be made. It provides several online and offline solutions for canceling flights. Passengers must cancel in the same manner as they book them to make the process simple. If the travelers cancel their tickets within 24 hours of purchase, an Avelo refund will be sent immediately. Passengers, however, will be charged cancellation fees if the flight is delayed. If the passengers include a third party in the booking process, they must cancel directly through that channel. They would be unable to make any modifications via the internet. It is important to remember that the refund will only be issued if the passengers purchased a refundable ticket. The airline is not responsible for any refunds if non-refundable tickets are purchased.

How to cancel Avelo Flights?

Avelo has a dedicated webpage https://www.aveloair.com/. You have the option of selecting your favorite language as well as the closest airport. At the top of Avelo's webpage, you can now see a "My Bookings" feature. Your booking reference number and last name are required fields. Enter search term into the search bar. On the screen, you'll be able to see information on your flight. Simply cancel the tickets now that you've finally chosen. If you want a refund for a trip that you didn't use, fill out the refund form. And yeah, Avelo makes it extremely simple to cancel your flight. You will receive a confirmation email and SMS once you have completed the cancellation. Furthermore, keep in mind that there is one more option available for your convenience: calling their executives can assist you with a flight cancellation. They are professional individuals who can complete this task quickly and efficiently. Nonetheless, a small fee may be incurred if you choose this process for the flight cancellation.

What about the Cancellation Fees Charges?

Remember that when you cancel a flight for any emergency or change in plans, you have to pay some amount of fees to the airline that differs based on the duration of the departure date. We're mentioning it for your convenience so you know how much you'll be charged.

  • Within 24 hours if you cancel your flight - It's Free
  • If 60+ days from departure - 75 USD
  • If 15 to 59 days from departure - 150 USD
  • If 7 to 14 days from departure - 200 USD
  • If 0-6 days from departure - 250 USD
Avelo Airlines Refund Policy

We are sure that you must be waiting to learn about this from the very start as after all, it's about your hard-earned money. Nearly all Avelo airline tickets are refundable. You must cancel before the risk-free cancellation time expires if you want a full refund. Passengers with group reservations can cancel with ease too. Only the canceled tickets would be charged by the airline, not the entire group. The reimbursement is generally illustrated within 7–14 business days. The refund procedure is also dependent on the ticket type purchased. Users who booked domestic flights will receive their reimbursements fast, but those who booked international trips may have to wait a little longer. Simply fill out the refund form after the cancellation and wait for your refund from the airline. Guests who paid with a credit card will be refunded in the same way. If the customers pay cash for their tickets, Avelo will contact you and issue a refund to your preferred account. Also, users can receive a full refund if their flights are delayed for more than 4 hours by contacting Avelo officials at the airport. Do fill out the refund form as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a way to cancel the flights other than the website option?

Yes, you can easily cancel your flight via the offline method which is calling on their number and explaining the entire situation. Doing this, they will cancel your flight easily by charging you a small fee.

Is it possible for me to cancel an Avelo flight for free?

According to Avelo's cancellation policy, you can cancel your ticket for free if you do so within 24 hours after booking. If you cancel your flight after the risk-free period has passed, the airline will charge you a modest fee.

How many times can one change their Avelo Flights?

When it comes to changing flights, it doesn't matter how many times you do it because you can alter flights without problem on their official website.

What happens if a flight is delayed for more than 4 hours by Avelo Airlines?

You have the right to demand compensation if Avelo delays or cancels your flight at the last minute. Passengers have two choices in this situation: they can cancel their tickets immediately and receive a refund, or they can take the following Avelo flight.