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What is the Pet Policy of United Airlines?

What is the Pet Policy of United Airlines?

If you love your small pet like dog or cat and never want to leave your pet alone at any cost then don’t worry for this goal towards the vacation plan as well. Many airlines also allow for the pet travel to passengers and that’s why you can travel with your loving pet in the flight as well. To discuss on this topic, we are also going to share the information about what is the pet policy of united airlines? You need to know about the pet policy terms if you want to make sure the easy pet travel with the United Flights first.

Points to be Noted About United Pet Policy:

1). Only small domestic pets are allowed in the United Airlines Flights for the passengers such as cats, dogs, rabbits and household birds as well. Passengers can also travel with pet on the cabin as well.

2). Your pet age must be 16 Weeks old to travel in the United Flights

3). You must have medical documents about your pet health before boarding

3). Your pet must be kept in a pet carrier (must be according to the airline rules dimensions based carrier).

4). Pit Bull type dogs are not allowed in the United Airlines pet policy.


You can also grab more information about the United Pet Policy directly from the United Airlines Official Site, where you can read about the terms and rules of the United Airlines Pet Policy for the travel goals. Pet reservations fee for one way is around $125 in the United Airlines.