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Which Airline has never had a Crash?

Which Airline has never had a Crash?

Going through the information about which airlines has never had a crash is important for you if you are also a frequent flyer of the air journey. Many people in this world are frequently flying from one place to another through the flight reservations. Can you guess the name of the airline that never meets a single accident from the long time? Well, the answer is not Delta or Turkish but the safest airline of the world is Qantas Airlines. This airline secures the first rank in the list of world’s safest airline. This airline “never crashed”. However, in 1951 airline has a small accident.

Qatar Airways & Air New Zealand is on 2nd and 3rd Position:

You may also curious to know about the name of those airlines that have the second and third position in the list of world’s safest airlines and these airlines are Qatar Airways and Air New Zealand. However, from the United States one airline such as Alaska Airline also secures rank in the list of top 10 safest airlines in the world.

Bottom Line:

The ranking of the safest airline is based on the crash or accidents. Therefore, if you also want to know more about the safest airlines in the world then you should select only the major airlines that never met a serious crash or accident.