Experienced High-Class Travel In Ethiopian Airiness Reservations

Ground Report of Ethiopian Airlines:

Ground Report of Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines or formally also known as Ethiopian Air Lines is the flag carrier of Ethiopia. The airline was founded on 21st December 1945 but commenced operations on 8 April 1946. In the beginning, the airline flies for domestic destinations but in 1951, Ethiopian Airlines expands operations for International flights as well. The airline is also a member of the International air transport association from 1959 and the African Airlines Association in 1968. Ethiopian Airlines is working with the slogan of the New Spirit of Africa. The airline is also the 4th Largest Airline of the World in terms of the total number of countries service for Ethiopian Airlines Reservations.

Where is Ethiopian Airlines Headquarters?

Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is the Main Headquarter Place of Ethiopian Airlines. Headquarters is the most important of any airline from which airline operates all fleet and financial operations. Ethiopian Government is the Parent Company of Ethiopian Airlines.

Ethiopian Airlines Hub:

Ethiopian Airlines Flights has one single hub and that is Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. However, the airline also has one subsidiary hub and which is Lomé–Tokoin International Airport.

Ethiopian Airlines Alliance:

Ethiopian Airlines is the Member of Renowned Airline Alliance and that is Star Alliance. That means, with the Ethiopian Airlines Booking, you will also get the extreme advantages of start alliances which are worthy for the luxury and cheap travel as well. Ethiopian Mozambique Airlines is the Subsidiary of Ethiopian Airlines.

Frequent Flyer Program of Ethiopian Airlines:

The unique name of the Frequent Flyer Program of Ethiopian Airlines ShebaMiles is the reward earning program of the airline. Passengers who are thinking to fly with this airline can also avail the miles earning opportunity for the next travel on the ShebaMiles Joining.

Fleet Size & Destinations Served by Ethiopian Airlines:

The Fleet Size of the Ethiopian Airlines is 125 and total Destinations Served by the Flag Carrier are 125 (For Passengers) and 44 (For Cargo). This is about the Fleet and Destination Count of Ethiopian Airlines Flights. The massive network of Ethiopian Airlines is providing both domestic and international services to the passengers. Chicago and Newark are some prominent destinations of the United States to travel with Ethiopian Airlines Reservations.

Inspection of Ethiopian Flights Baggage Policy:

Inspection of Ethiopian Flights Baggage Policy

For the Business Class 32 KG Weight and Economy Class, 23 KG Weight is allowed.

Business Class passengers can carry up to 2 bags with a maximum weight of 7 KG per bag.

Economy Class passengers can carry up to 1 bag weigh the maximum weight of 7 KG of each bag and maximum dimensions 118 CM.

Passengers can also carry one personal item free in the baggage of Ethiopian Flights.

Inspection of Ethiopian Airlines Pet Policy:

Inspection of Ethiopian Airlines Pet Policy:

Only small dogs and cats are allowed in the Pet Policy of Ethiopian Airlines. Pets can be transported in the cargo and not in the cabin. Passengers can travel with pets as checked baggage. The pet carrier dimension for the Ethiopian Airlines is 55 x 40 x 20 and the maximum allowed weight is 8KG. 2 Pets In Economy Class and 1 Pet in Cloud-9 Business Class is allowed in Ethiopian Airlines.

Inspection of Ethiopian Airlines Travel Cabin Class:

For the Ethiopian Airlines Booking, you have two choices of booking. First is Economy Class. This is the cabin class of the Ethiopian Air and it is also known for the economical cost booking for the passengers. On the other hand, the second booking class is Cloud 9. Business Class in Ethiopian Flights is known as Cloud 9. Amenities in both business and economy classes are amazing for this airline. For Cloud 9, Ethiopian is also offering a lounge facility at the Bole International Airport. Cloud 9 Tickets Passengers can wait for the departures of flights at the Cloud Nine Lounge. On the other hand, members of Ethiopian Frequent Flyer Program with Gold and Silver Status can use the Sheba Miles Lounge Benefits. From Personal Computers to a Wide range of amenities are provided in these lounges.


1. How to Book Online Ethiopian Flights?

You can consider Ethiopian Reservations from the Ethiopian Airlines Official Site

2. Can I Travel with my Pet in Ethiopian Airlines Flights?

Yes, small dogs and cats are allowed in the Ethiopian Air.

3. What is the Rating of Ethiopian Airlines Reservations For International Travel?

4.7 Out of 5

4. Can I Find Last Minute Ethiopian Flights?

Yes, you can find the Ethiopian Airlines Last Minute Flights Directly on the Ethiopian Website.

5. What is Cloud 9 in Ethiopian Airlines?

Cloud 9 is the Business Class Cabin of Ethiopian Airlines