Plan Trip of North America With Etihad Airways Reservations

Ground Report of Etihad Airways:

Ground Report of Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is the 2nd Massive Airline and Flag Carrier of the United Arab Emirates. However, Emirates Airlines is the largest airline of UAE. Generally, Etihad Airways Reservations are eminent for the travel of Asia, Europe, and the United States. The parent company of Etihad Airways is the Etihad Aviation Group. The airline was founded in July 2003 and Commenced Operations in November 2013. Air Serbia is the Subsidiary of Etihad Airways.

Where is Etihad Airways Headquarters?

When we talk on Etihad Airways we can say that is in the Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. As we know, this is the main hub of the airline and that’s why the to headquarter of the airline is also in Abu Dhabi.

Etihad Airways Alliance:

Right now, Etihad Airways is not a member of any leading airline alliance such as Star and SkyTeam. However, the airline builds its alliance in 2015 as the Etihad Airways Parents but due to some financial issues in 2018, the alliance disbanded. Etihad airlines also have a good investment in the share of Virgin Australia.

Etihad Airways Main Hubs:

Etihad Airways Has only a single hub and that is Abu Dhabi International Airport. There are no focus cities and other subsidiary hubs of the Etihad Airways Booking.

Frequent Flyer Program of Etihad Airways:

Etihad Airways Frequent Flyer Program is also amazing for the passengers because they can save a lot on the booking of Etihad Airways Flights with the participation n FFP of the Etihad Airways. The reward and miles earning program are mainly sponsored by Etihad Airways. Flyers who want to fly commonly with Etihad Flights can become the permanent member of Etihad Guest (this is the FFP of Etihad Airways).

Fleet Size & Destinations Served by Etihad Airways:

When we count Fleet Size of Etihad Airways Reservations, we can say that it is around 102 and total destinations served by the airline are 81. This is the extensive network based airline for domestic and international flights. Right now airline operates 1000+ Flights every week in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and North America. Etihad Airways is not only engaging with the Airline Services but also operated Etihad Holidays and Etihad Cargo.

Inspection of Etihad Airways Baggage Policy:

Etihad Airways Baggage

Etihad Airways baggage policy is working on the one plus one principle that means each passenger is allowed to carry one personal item and one carry-on item free of cost. In the personal items laptop bag, purse, and handbags are included. Carry-On-Luggage of the passengers must be fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of the passenger.

Carry-On Bag Rule for Coral Economy Class
Baggage Allowance One bag
Maximum Dimensions Allowed 115 CM
Maximum Weight Allowed 15 lbs
Carry-On Bag Rules for Diamond and Pearl Business Class
Baggage Allowance 2 Bags
Maximum Dimensions Allowed 115 CM
Maximum weight allowed 26 lbs
Carry-On Bag Rules For Infants
One Extra Bag Not Exceed than 5 KG
On Stroller and Carry on Item is allowed as the checked baggage
Checked Baggage Allowance
Weight Concepts (For US and Canada)
Diamond First Class 110lbs
Pearl Business Class 88 lbs
Coral Economy Class 66 lbs
Infants 22 lbs
Baggage Restriction For Coral Economy Class
Baggage Allowance Two Bags
Maximum Weight 66lbs
Maximum Dimensions 17 in x 28 in x 35 in / 45 cm x 72 cm x 90 cm
Baggage restrictions for Pearl Business Class:
Baggage Allowance 2 Bags
Maximum Weight 88 lbs
Maximum Dimensions 17 in x 28 in x 35 in / 45 cm x 72 cm x 90 cm
Baggage restrictions for Diamond First Class:
Baggage Allowance 2 Bags
Maximum Weight 88 lbs
Maximum Dimensions 17 in x 28 in x 35 in / 45 cm x 72 cm x 90 cm
Baggage restrictions for infants:
Baggage Allowance One Bag
Maximum Weight 22lbs
Maximum Weight for One Extra Bag 5 KG

Inspection of Etihad Airways Pet Policy:

Inspection of Etihad Airways Pet Policy

You can fly with your pet as the checked baggage but not in the cabin. However, pets can also fly in air cargo. You can also examine the full-fledged Pet Policy of Etihad Airways at Etihad Airways Official Site. Only small pets such as dogs, cats, and household birds are allowed in the Etihad Reservations for Pet Travel. Some breeds of dogs and cats are now allowed which are listed on the Etihad Airways Website.

Inspection of Etihad Airways Travel Cabin Class:

  1. The Residence (Airbus A380 only)
  2. First Apartment (Airbus A380 only)
  3. First Suite (Boeing 787-9 only)
  4. Business Studio
  5. Economy Smart Seat

These are the 5 types of cabin classes available with the Etihad Airways Booking. The first and second two cabins such as the residence and first apartment were introducing in 2014. Thus, these are the newly launched cabin for the travel in the Etihad Airways Flights. You can consider Business Studio and Economy Smart Seat of Etihad Flights for the short-haul flights in Asia, Europe, and North America.


1. How to Book Etihad Airways Flights Online?

You can get the help of airfare agency or visit on Etihad Airways Website

2. Which is the best airline for Middle East and UAE Travel?

Etihad Airways Reservations

3. What is the rating of Etihad Airways Airlines Flights for International Trip?

4.6 Out of 5

4. Which is the cheapest day to book Etihad Airways Flights?

Tuesday is the cheapest day to book Etihad Airways Tickets

5. Can I Book Last Minute Etihad Airways Flights?

Yes, you can book the Etihad Airways Last Minute Flights From Etihad Airways Official Site