Eva Airlines booking

Every travel enthusiast must have heard about EVA Air as one of the absolute top airlines in the world. The airline has been the winner of many awards. Besides this, the airline has appeared several times over the past few years under the list of the Skytrax ranking. It has been referred to as among the ten best airlines. Your incredible flight journey starts as you book your ticket with EVA Air. Get ready to experience the excellent service offered in every travel class. You will have the best trip from when you board the flight to when you land.

Eva Airlines has its hub in Taiwan. Also known as the Taiwanese 5-star airline, EVA Air has A vast network worldwide that connects Asia and Mainland China to Europe, North America, and Oceania. These destinations allow you to fly over 60 cities throughout the world. Eva Airlines has only one stop-off in Taipei. Eva Airlines also allows you access to most of Asia's business and holiday destinations besides every region of the Chinese mainland. You can earn miles with EVA Air by becoming a Miles & More member.

Eva Airlines Booking for United States

Eva is an idea example of luxury travel and when it comes to enjoy the luxury and premium travel for the passengers then we can say that they must consider Eva Airlines Booking for this goal. Thus, if you are also thinking to make sure your flight tickets with the leading and renowned airline of the world then you have to consider Eva Flights Only because this is the best match for your requirement and demand.

Fleet Size Count of Eva Flights

What about the Fleet Size of Eva? Is it matter for your booking or not? Well, the total aircraft of any airline is mainly known as the fleet size of the airline. When we talk on the Fleet Size of Eva Airlines Reservations we can say that it is around 82. On the other hand, total numbers of destinations served by the Eva Airline is 62. Fleet size is matter because with the knowledge of fleet size you can understand the services sphere of the airline.

Grab cheap Eva Airlines tickets

  • The ideal time to book international EVA Air flights is between 2 to 8 months before you travel. The prime booking window is 4–6 months before your departure.
  • EVA Airlines offers their flight tickets 9–12 months in advance. However, if you book the tickets too early within that period, it can cost you.
  • Surveys have found that Eva Airlines booking in midweek, during Tuesdays and Wednesdays, can be less crowded and cheaper than flying on weekends.
  • Keep in mind that planning to fly in peak seasons can be expensive. High seasons must be avoided at all costs, especially during summers and holidays.

Cheapest day to book Eva Airline tickets

Each and every passenger loves to fly at a cheaper price. As a result, they look forward to booking the flight tickets at a low price. When it comes to EVA Airlines booking online, make reservations on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These days are considered the cheapest days to travel since the airline sells their ticket at a considerably lower rate.

Make sure to book tickets on Tuesday during the odd hours. Booking weekday tickets saves significant money you can spend on your dream vacation. Regarding timings, the best time to book a flight with EVA Air is generally after Monday midnight or early Tuesday morning. Book the flight tickets during the low season of your vacation spot.

Destinations covered by Eva Airlines

Eva Airlines, at present, is serving 64 destinations spread across four continents. However, this does not include Africa. The airline has 88 aircraft. The airline is still excelling in expanding its network and fleet.

1. Australia
  • Drive through the Great Ocean Road.
  • Get in touch with the unique marine life at Ningaloo Reef.
  • Explore the Melbourne Lanes.
2. France
  • Look at the sunset from the Eiffel Tower.
  • Walk through the charming old quarters of Paris.
  • Hop on a Seine River Cruise.
3. HongKong
  • Recharge your soul at Chi Lin Nunnery.
  • Take a Walla-Walla boat tour.
  • Art enthusiasts must visit the world-class art at M+.


1. Is Eva Airline the best airline?

EVA has always been responsible for being attentive, caring, and warm towards its passengers. The airline has always provided friendly services and guaranteed flight safety. As a result of this consistency, the passengers are continuously supplied with the best possible air travel experiences.

2. How many stars does Eva Airlines have?

Eva Airline is a 5-star rated airline by Skytrax. Also, the airline has been referred to as the second largest airline based in Taiwan, following China Airlines. EVA Airline is headquartered at Taoyuan International Airport in Luzhu, Taoyuan City.

3. How to book cheap Eva Airlines according to FaresMatch?

For the Eva air ticket sale, you can consider flying early since the flight demand is low from 1 a.m. - 5 a.m. By booking your flights early, you get cheap tickets. Prices tend to rise as the departure day approaches. Also, you get more affordable flights by flying during the low season.

4. Are the staff of Eva Airline friendly?

The staff of Eva Airlines are the most attentive, caring, and friendly people you will ever encounter. They will give you the comfort of home with their warm services.

5. Is FaresMatch customer service sound?

FaresMatch offers excellent customer service, which is available 24/7. Each and every tourist is guided and provided assistance regarding their flights.