Why Are Spirit Flights So Cheap?

Are you thinking to fly with Spirit Airline? Do you know about some major facts of this flag carrier? Why are spirit flights so cheap? No doubt, that Spirit airline is the cheapest airline for the US travel but travelers also want to know about the reasons of “cheapest flag carrier tag with this airline”. Price of airfare of this airline is very cheap and with the affordable flight booking

1). Spirit is an Ultra-Low-Cost Flag Carrier:

You must know about the fact that Spirit Airlines is an ultra-low-cost flag carrier and most of the ultra-low-cost flag carriers are cheaper for the flyers. Allegiant and Southwest are also cheaper such as Spirit Airline is cheaper for the travel of the passengers.

2). No Business Class in Spirit:

Spirit has big front seat but you can’t find the particular business class cabin in the Spirit Airlines. It is also one of the reasons through which you can understand “Why Spirit Flights Are So Cheap”? You can only travel in the economy class of the airline.

3). On-Purchase Drinks and Meals:

Drinks and meals are available on the purchase and no free food services are available in this airline and that’s why ticket costing is very low of Spirit Airlines.