Cheap Flights to Australia From USA

Australia is an island nation famous among tourists for its scenic beauty. The beautiful country stole the hearts of 9 million travelers (in 2018) from all around the globe. Surveys Show around 90,000 flyers search for flights to Australia every single year. Within this, approximately 40,000 flyers search for cheap flights to Australia. People choose it as their next vacation spot because it is perfect for budget travelers. It is an ideal place for enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Here, you will come across a variety of attractions. Hence, Australia has something for each and every traveler. Stay tuned if you are searching for cheap flights to Australia from the USA.

Get ready to dive at the Great Barrier Reef, sunbathe at the Gold Coast beaches, watch a Show at the Sydney Opera House, visit a cricket match in Perth, and surprise your taste buds at the world cuisine in Adelaide. Australia is abundant in natural wonders, making it a top tourist destination. Besides this, it also serves as a central finance hub and attracts numerous tourists, business, and leisure throughout the year. Stay tuned with FaresMatch, which offers cheap fares from more than 450 carriers. Here, you will come across several Australia flight deals and cheap tickets. They are also available with various discounts through several online portals and travel agencies.

Tips to Book Cheap Flights to Australia from USA

Are you thinking to fly for Australia? Let’s take a glance on the tips to book Cheap Flights to Australia from USA on this page. For the Australia Flights, you must know some easy and affordable travel booking hacks for the reservations. Thus, start with these things which are important for you to ensure the cheap travel goals. Cheap Tickets booking at the fares match for the Australia Travel is the big deal for you when you are not flying in the cheapest time. Which is the cheapest time to book Cheap Flights to Australia from USA? October is the lowest season time for the flyers and in this month, they can find the affordable travel deals for the airline’s reservations.

Get Best Deals to Fly to Australia

To get the cheapest flights to Australia from the USA, FaresMatch has got you covered. At FaresMatch, you find a list of various airline offers. Moreover, not only will you get discounts on Air tickets but also on accommodations and car rentals. Also, United Airlines and Jetstar are the Airlines that offer Affordable flights to Australia from the USA.

Things to Know about USA to Australia Flights

Getting the airfare that is cheaper for you means you must book the tickets online because online booking for Cheap Flights to Australia from USA is affordable for the flyers than the airport booking. One thing that you should not forget is Compare Fare on the reservations because with this option you can avail the affordable dals for the Australia Travel booking without any doubt. Next thing is making the holiday plans for the round-trip package and not for the one-way travel booking.

Best Time to Travel to Australia

September to November & March to May have been considered the best time to travel to Australia from the USA. A majority of tourists decide to travel to Australia during this month. The weather during these seasons is neither too hot nor too cold, making it ideal. The off-season months suitable for travel to Australia are typically June, July, and August, as the winter season prevails in Australia. During these months, flight prices get lower.

Things to Do in Australia

Also known as a country and continent, Australia is surrounded by the Pacific and Indian Oceans on all sides. Major tourist attractions in Australian cities are situated on the coast. The country comes with a diverse landscape, and you get to have fun at the endless sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters, and exquisite natural beauty. Get ready to explore the expansive desert, dense tropical rainforests, sandy beaches, lush grasslands, alpine ranges, and Barossa Valley's vineyards. The land also has distinct animal species, such as duck-billed platypuses and kangaroos. Australia is perfect for all nature lovers who love outdoor activities like surfing, deep-sea diving, adventure sports, snorkeling, and hiking.

Dive into the vast range of landmarks and attractions. Make sure to participate in numerous annual events and festivals held around the year. Some significant festivals include Australia's National Day (January), Field Day (January), Parkes Elvis Festival (January), Canberra Balloon Festival (March), Melbourne Grand Prix (March), Melbourne Food and Wine Festival (March), Vivid Sydney (May/June), Happy Daze Festival (May), Splendour in the Grass (July), Garma Festival (August), Henley-on-Todd Regatta (August), Harbourlife (November), and Lost Paradise (December).


1. Is Australia safe to visit?

A majority of tourists have said that Australia is entirely safe. But there are some dangers. This can include natural disasters and crime. Hence, it is best to research before visiting the cities and states.

2. Is Australia worth visiting?

Australia is one of the most tourist-friendly and well-connected countries. Therefore, you can explore most of the country's tourist destinations easily.

3. How many days are enough in Australia, according to FaresMatch?

To have the best time in Australia, around a week is enough for an Australia trip. Also, you can choose various Australian packages based on your preferences and places you wish to visit.

4. What are the biggest Airports in Australia?
  • Sydney Airport
  • Melbourne Airport
  • Perth Airport
  • Adelaide Airport
  • Hobart Airport
5. Should one refer to FaresMatch?

Yes, if you want to get hold of cheap Air tickets, then FaresMatch is the best site to consider. You will get everything at a discount, from flight deals to Australia to car rentals and accommodation.