Cheap Flights to Brasilia from $249

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When to Book Flights to Brasilia?

For better savings and to enjoy nice weather, you should go to Brasilia during the shoulder seasons, either spring or autumn. You can find the best deals on your tickets by using FaresMatch. Occasionally, you will notice that the temperatures are warm and that there are fewer visitors, so you will enjoy your travel much more. Look out for the great sales and discounts that Avianca flights sometimes offer to get the cheapest fares during your trip to Rio de Janeiro's fantastic capital.

Non-stop Flights to Brasilia

Experience easy flights from major global hubs to Brasilia, including Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Miami. Cheap flights to Brazil are available, so travellers can go straight to the Brasilia International Airport, saving time and effort. Eventually, they will land at the gateway to the wonders of Brazil's capital city.

Airlines that Fly to Brasilia

Several airlines currently offer cheap flights, allowing travellers to choose the one they prefer. You can take a trip using major air carriers such as LATAM Airlines, Gol Transportes Aereos, or Azul Brazilian Airlines. Budget travellers can also opt for cheap air services such as VoePass and Flybondi to get to Brasilia at a cheaper cost.

Airport Near the Destination

Brasilia's main airport, Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport (BSB), is located near the city centre and is a gateway to the capital city. They can go around and check the deals or make reservations at the airport before they start their trip or ride to the downtown where Brasilia's attractions are located. You can take cheap flights to Brasilia as an affordable and easy way of travel.


1. What will happen if you cancel the flight?

Policies vary by airline. You might be charged instead of a refund, credit, or deducted a fee. It is also good to ask the airline, such as Avianca flights, for precise directions on cancelling your tickets.

2. Can you book tickets for infants?

Major airlines accommodate passenger infants, but the measures are airline-specific. E-mail the airline, like Avianca flights, to learn about age limits and (fines or charges).

3. What is the most famous place to visit?

The Plaza of Three Powers, which contains the Presidential Palace, National Congress, and the Supreme Federal Court, displays an unparalleled architectural sequence, and it is probably the most popular of the numerous tourist attractions of Brasília. Looking at Brasilia's famous buildings, we may be reminded of its modernist architecture and political importance.

4. What is the most famous food found?

Feijoada, a classic bean-and-meat stew often prepared with pork or beef, rice, collard greens, and farofa (a dish resembling farina), reflects traditional Brazilian cuisine and is a local favourite.

5. Can you bring your pet?

The policies regarding how to travel with a pet during the Avianca flights change from one airline to another. Some airlines allow pets to travel in cabins or cargo holds, while others may have their own rules or extra payment.