Dallas to Guadalajara Flights

Guadalajara is one of the busiest and most important cities in Mexico. Once the capital of Reino de Nova Galicia, it has maintained its position as a centre of trade, commerce, arts and culture. It was so important that it was set up as the centre of the first revolutionary government of Mexico. The city holds on to its past with multiple historical monuments and splendid architectural feats.

The first and most prominent of this list is the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady, a Catholic Church popularly known as the Guadalajara Cathedral, which stuns visitors with its tall neo-gothic spires. Although the church was built in the seventeenth century, it is still an essential symbol of the city’s cultural identity.

Others include the statue of Minerva. The bronze statue is a fierce declaration of the city’s identity and simultaneously honours its past while stating the hopes for its future. It was built recently and only finished in 1957. To get cheap flights from Dallas to Guadalajara, passengers should try to book tickets as soon as possible, as prices are currently low. Tourists should also get tickets early to have more time to look for discounts and offers.

If they have a flexible schedule, they should aim for the months when the number of people visiting the city is lower than usual. Getting tickets during the low season also means less accommodation costs.

Find Flights from Dallas (DFW) to Guadalajara (GDL)

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When to Book Flights from Dallas to Guadalajara?

Travellers can visit Guadalajara in the fall and early winter. October, November and December are cool and dry, allowing travellers to explore the city, go on guided tours, perform various outdoor activities and participate in festivals held during this time.

Another good time to visit the city is spring and early summer. March, April and May are perfect for those aiming for slightly lower prices but ideal weather. Festival de Mayo attracts multiple tourists from all over the world to the city to view the fantastic art displayed every year.

Which Airlines Fly from Dallas to Guadalajara?

Airlines which fly from Dallas to Guadalajara are included in the list given below:

  • Aeromexico – Aeromexico is the Mexican flag carrier. Aeromexico flights are reputed to be both luxurious and secure.
  • VivaAerobus- VivaAerobus is one of Mexico’s most important airlines. It provides quality service nationwide and to some foreign locations at affordable prices.
  • Volaris – Volaris is one of the leading Mexican air service providers. It is unique regarding the low prices it offers to multiple destinations.

Airport Near Guadalajara

The nearest airport to the city which receives Dallas to Guadalajara flights is the Miguel Hidalgo y Costila Guadalajara International Airport. The airport is located 10 miles or 16 kilometres away from the downtown area of the city. It is situated in Tlajomulco city. It is named in honour of Miguel Hidalgo, a leader of the Mexican Independence movement.

Non-stop Flights from Dallas to Guadalajara

Volaris and American Airlines are the only airlines that provide non-stop flights to Guadalajara from Dallas. The options in airlines are minimal. There are also only a handful of flights each day which cover this route. Therefore, getting tickets early on American and Volaris flights is a good idea.


1. Which airline provides the cheapest of the Chicago to Guadalajara flights?

Multiple airlines provide cheap Chicago to Guadalajara flights. VivaAerobus is the most affordable.

2. Which airline provides the cheapest flight from Guadalajara to Dallas?

Volaris provides the cheapest flight from Guadalajara to Dallas. Faresmatch helps you get tickets on cheap flights such as these easily.

3. What is an excellent hotel to live in Guadalajara?

An excellent place to live in Guadalajara is Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara. Faresmatch helps you get cheap deals and discounts while booking hotels.

4. What does the name Guadalajara mean?

The name Guadalajara is a tribute to the hometown of the city’s Spanish colonial founder, Cristóbal de Oñate. It means a ‘valley of stones` in Moorish Arabic.

5. When was Guadalajara first made a city?

Guadalajara first became a city in 1539 by the decree of Holy Emperor Charles the Fifth and First of Spain. It gained that status due to its growing importance as a centre of silver.