Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta Flights

Puerto Vallarta is a tourist town in Jalisco on Mexico's Pacific coast. It is well-known for its nightlife, beaches, and water sports. Nestled in its cobblestone heart are various restaurants and cafés, boutique boutiques, and the elaborate Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe church. El Malecón is a boulevard beside the seashore with nightclubs, cafés, bars, and modern sculptures. The Night of the Iguana, a 1963 film shot entirely on location, made Puerto Vallarta renowned.

Puerto Vallarta welcomed American intellectuals, national celebrities, and large Hollywood stars for the first time. From this context, it is clear that Puerto Vallarta is an ideal destination if you plan to enjoy your vacation with your family. The main question is how to get cheap tickets from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta flights. Don't panic. It is readily available under the Faresmatch site; we offer exciting deals and last-minute flights.

Tips to Book Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta Flights

Puerto Vallarta Flights is the major destination for the flying goals. If you are looking for the tips to book Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta Flights then we are here to provide you some amazing tips for your travel goals and this time you don’t have need to pay for the higher airfare booking when you are choosing the fares match deals on the reservations. You must avail the best deals on the airline tickets for the travel of Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta.

Ideal time to book flights to Puerto Vallarta

We often discover this route's lowest prices on Tuesdays, so if your travel dates are flexible, consider booking a Tuesday flight ticket to Puerto Vallarta. Conversely, Thursday is the most costly day to travel from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta. We advise avoiding Sunday flights and booking your return ticket on a Saturday for the cheapest prices. September has the lowest average ticket price of any month for flights from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta, at $239. Conversely, the most costly months are December and April, with an average ticket price of $399 and $397, respectively.

Popular airlines fly to Puerto Vallarta

  • Alaska Airlines

Take Alaska Airlines for a smooth flight from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta. Alaska Airlines flights are well-known for providing exceptional service, dependability, and a pleasant travel environment. Enjoy the roomy seats, delectable onboard cuisine, and welcoming service as you travel to Puerto Vallarta's stunning beaches.

  • Delta Airlines

Take advantage of first-rate service when you travel with Delta Airlines from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta. Reputable for its dependability and outstanding customer service, Delta guarantees a seamless travel experience. Take advantage of the many onboard facilities, unwind in plush seats, and let Delta transport you to the breathtaking Puerto Vallarta destination.

  • JetBlue Airlines

Take advantage of JetBlue to explore Puerto Vallarta, a bustling city. JetBlue provides excellent service and contemporary facilities for a pleasant flying experience. Take advantage of plenty of legroom, free food, and various entertainment options on your flight from Los Angeles to the magnificent beaches of Puerto Vallarta.

Main airports of Puerto Vallarta

  • Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport

Situated in the municipality of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, lies the Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport, often known as Puerto Vallarta International Airport (IATA: PVR, ICAO: MMPR). Situated on the Pacific coast, it welcomes thousands of visitors annually.

Nonstop service between Puerto Vallarta and Los Angeles

Five airlines provide nonstop routes between Puerto Vallarta and Los Angeles. Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, and United Airlines are in question. Alaska Airlines offered the lowest fare of all the carriers operating on this route, at $104 for a one-way ticket. JetBlue often offers the best rates on this route.


1. How much time is taken by flights to cover Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta?

Direct flights travel the 1,218 miles between Los Angeles and Puerto Vallarta in around two hours and fifty minutes. The flights on this route are available at our Faresmatch site.

2. Where can I unwind at the Puerto Vallarta Airport?

The PVR airport lounges provide a haven from the hectic atmosphere of most airports. Think about purchasing a lounge pass for the VIP Lounge Puerto Vallarta International on the Upper Level of Arrivals or the VIP Lounge Puerto Vallarta on the First Level of Arrivals. Alternatively, you can pay at the door to use the facilities, including television, drinks, and showers. In Airside Terminal 1, there's also the National VIP Lounge.

3. Which airlines operate the most flights from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta?

There is one daily trip from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta on Alaska Airlines and one daily flight from American Airlines and Delta. The top carrier services passengers can book from the Fathe research site.

4. How many airports are there in Puerto Vallarta?

Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport, also known as PVR, is the only major commercial airport for flights into Puerto Vallarta. Travel time from PVR is around five minutes to the Marina area, ten to fifteen minutes to locations in the Hotel Zone, and thirty minutes or more to the Malecón and Romantic Zone.

5. Which month is Puerto Vallarta's rainy season?

July, August, and September are the wettest months in this region of Mexico and are also Puerto Vallarta's rainy season.