Montreal to Puerto Vallarta Flights

Puerto Vallarta is like a heaven on earth. The greenery and the land filled with gems are among the most important reasons why people worldwide travel to the city. This wonderful city in Mexico is the hotspot for many tourists who love to experience peace among subtle lands and caves. This city is a resort town on Mexico's Pacific coast, primarily known for beaches, water sports and exotic nightlife. People tend to get cheap flights online and travel to experience the best nightlife. The cathedrals, churches, ancient monuments, and exotic restaurants create quite an excellent atmosphere for all the tourists to have the best trip of their lives. 

Faresmatch offers exquisite deals to people planning the best budget-friendly trip to this paradise city of Mexico. Trips to Puerto Vallarta are expensive, often minimized by proper planning and gaining adequate information about the city. This American city is mainly filled with tourists from January to April because of its beautiful climate change and various events. The sporty events on beaches form quite the breaking news worldwide and play a significant role in attracting tourists.  

When should you book flights from Montreal to Puerto Vallarta?


The ideal time to get cheap Montreal to Puerto Vallarta flights is during the summer because people avoid the harsh summer. People from all around the world come here to explore the caves and get tanned on the beaches. The summer is usually dull, and the scorching heat is the main reason for the low tourism. On the other hand, booking flight tickets on the weekends can help you get some extra discounts and offers. Getting them on time is the main reason behind the pricing; thus, it must be perfect.    

Which airlines fly to Puerto Vallarta from Montreal?

There are a lot of airlines flying to the city of Mexico from various corners of the world. Some major airlines are AeroMexico flights, Southern Airlines, United Airlines and many more. These are the giants that carry hundreds of people to Puerto Vallarta. Many domestic airlines fly in and out of the city daily with record passengers. A few are Vistara, Qatar, American, Frontier Airlines, and many more. 

Nearest airport to Puerto Vallarta 

Puerto Vallarta has multiple airports where flights can be received from all around the corner. Airlines from many parts of the world connect this beautiful Mexican city through various routes. Cheap flights to Puerto Vallarta are primarily domestic flights from various parts of America. Licenciado Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport is only 2.1 miles away. Other nearest airports to the city are Guadalajara, 5.15 miles away; Leon, 8.54 miles away; Mazatlan, 7.08 miles away; and many more.  

Non-stop airlines to Puerto Vallarta 


The main advantage of non-stop flights is that they are faster and much cheaper than the other flights. Most Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta flights are non-stop because of the vast distance and the many people traveling. Connecting flights, on the other hand, is time-consuming and expensive. Unlike nonstop flights, they are not available daily, which is also one of the main reasons for avoiding all passengers traveling for commercial purposes.   

Booking such non-stop flights any time of the year can be a cheaper option. But, during peak seasons, booking them from Faresmatch can be a wise decision. Some non-stop flights to Puerto Vallarta are Pacific, Aero Mexico, Air India, Air Canada and many more.


1. Do I get to carry my pets on board? 

Some airlines have policies to avoid traveling with pets, while others allow them to travel on specific terms, such as separately. 

2. Can I get cheap last-minute deals? 

Last minutes are cheaper but can be readily available on Faresmatch. They offer some crazy deals on specific last-minute deals daily. 

3. How do I get some extra discounts? 

If you are a student, introduce a valid student's card to get some cut-offs on your total ticket fare. 

4. How do I get my ticket online? 

Make sure to follow the steps: 

  • Login to the site of Faresmatch 
  • Choose desired airlines 
  • Check-in for discounts and finalize 
  • Proceed to payment to get your tickets. 
5. What entertainment do I get on board? 

There are several options for entertainment while on board; some are free subscriptions to many OTTs, music and many more.