Cheap Flights from New York to Antigua

The captivating New York City is worldwide famous for its iconic skyline, top-notch culture, and infinite prospects. It doesn't matter whether you are a frequent traveller or a first-time tourist; exploring New York's lively culture is said to be a dream come true. The opportunity to get access to affordable flights from this amazing megacity will let you enjoy your trip more nicely by spending a minimum fortune. Dreams are created in New York City; hence, it is often called the City of Dreams! Travellers will find everything that will suit their tastes.

Finding cheap flights from New York City to Antigua is like entering a world of occasions. You need to spend further money to participate in performances, visit world-class museums, taste famous street food, and shop until you give up. Your trip to Antigua will be special since every road corner has something to tell, and every minute is an adventure that creates history in Antigua. So, are you ready to unfold your chapter to Antigua? Get ready to get hold of affordable flights from New York to Antigua. Start searching for tickets to this amazing city that never stops surprising you, where dreams come true, and is a perfect destination to make memories that will last a lifetime.

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Find Cheap Flights from New York to Antigua

Antigua is the most beautiful place for the travel goals and when you are thinking to fly for this city then you need to know about the availability of lowest airfare deals for the booking of New York to Antigua Flights. New York to Antigua tickets can become the blossom choice for you when you book the tickets under the lowest airfare. Fares Match is the right place for the airfare comparison and here you can compare the airfare for the booking of flight tickets for this route.

Nonstop Flights from New York To Antigua

American Airlines and JetBlue are the popular Airlines offering nonstop flights from New York to Antigua. Do you want to know which terminal JFK flights ANU depart from? Well, they depart from terminals 8 and 5.

When to Book Flights From New York To Antigua?

The cheapest month to travel from NYC to Antigua is typically January. Flights on this route tend to be the most expensive in July. The fastest way from New York to Antigua Island takes around six h 36m. It will cost you somewhere $550 - $2,400. The ideal time to fly to Antigua is winter through spring. From mid-December through April, Antigua shows pleasant temperatures with minimal rainfall. May and June are also considered to be good months to visit Antigua. The temperature rises slightly, and rainfall increases.

Book Last-Minute New York to Antigua Flights

It’s time to book the New York to Antigua Last-Minute Flights directly from the Delta Airlines Customer Service Number. A 24 Hours Working Helpline for the flyers and through this helpline you can ensure the travel tickets booking in an affordable costing. You can also find the Cheap Flights ideas by following the travel blogs of Fares Match.

Which Airlines Flies From New York To Antigua?

Travellers usually choose to depart from John F. Kennedy International, Newark Liberty International, LaGuardia, or New York Stewart International Airport as they plan their trip from New York to Antigua. The overall distance between New York and Antigua is 2858 km. Popular airlines flying on this route are JetBlue Airways, Air Canada, Windward Islands Airways, Caribbean Airlines, and Silver Airways. Overall, New York and Antigua offer 125 direct flights per week. JetBlue Flights are also a popular choice.

Nearest Airport of Antigua

The nearest airport to Antigua and Barbuda is Antigua (ANU) Airport, which is situated at a distance of 19.6 km away. Since Antigua is too close to Guatemala City, many travellers prefer to book their first and last nights at Antigua.


1. Name the popular routes to and from New York.

Travellers have chosen the route combinations, such as New York and London, Dublin, Manchester, Athens, Edinburgh, Orlando, Glasgow, Miami, Tallinn, Birmingham, Las Vegas, Thessaloniki, Toronto, Atlanta, Cancún, Paris, Newcastle upon Tyne, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Malta.

2. Name the popular routes to and from Antigua.

Travellers frequently go for route combinations, such as Antigua and London, San Juan, Lower Prince's Quarter, Manchester, Montreal, Bridgetown, Tortola, Toronto, Brisbane, Santo Domingo, Buenos Aires, Dublin, Saint Lucia, Kuala Lumpur, Rome, Athens, Belgrade, Amsterdam, Edmonton, San Pedro Sula.

3. Is Antigua a good place to visit?

Antigua hosts some of the best sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, beautiful coral reefs, sugar plantations dating back years, and amazing scenery. Antigua offers luxurious 5-star hotels, superb beachfront restaurants, water sports galore, fantastic shops, and tasty food. Check out luxury Antigua hotels at FaresMatch.

4. Is Antigua safe for tourists, according to FaresMatch?

Antigua is generally safe for travel. However, to stay safe, you need to practice some common-sense practices. Take up safety advice and stay away from the island's trouble-causing neighbourhoods.

5. Can we book hotels with FaresMatch?

Yes, FaresMatch does an excellent job of offering some of the best deals and hotel prices. Make sure to check it out.