How to Add Baggage in Frontier Airlines

When it comes to flying with Frontier Airline then you must know about the add baggage possibilities of Frontier Airlines. This airline is very popular in the US, Mexico and Canada Travel because of the lowest airfare possibility of the airline and this airline connects around 60 plus destinations of the United States with the neighbour counties and the fleet size of this airline is 55. Sometimes passengers may also confused about the baggage policy of Frontier Airlines because they are not able to understand the real-time facts of Frontier Airlines Baggage policy and that’s why they need assistance to know about How to Add Baggage in Frontier Airlines.

Steps to Add Baggage in Frontier Airlines Flights:

1) You can Add Baggage At the time of Booking of Frontier Airlines Reservations because on this time the baggage fee is quite lowest for the passenger.

2). During the Check-In Time passenger can add baggage

3). At The Gate You Can Add baggage

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy Facts to Know:

1). Passenger allow to carry one carry-on item and one personal item free.

2). Maximum allowed weight and dimensions in the baggage policy of Frontier is 23 KG and 157 CM.

3). If you carry any extra checked bag then you have to pay extra $24 Dollar.